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My Acne Cure...15 Years To Find It!

I have used this site for years, but never posted...never felt like I had anything to share, until now. I'm a male who has been struggling with acne since I was around 13 years old...I'm currently 27, hitting 28 next month. I have gone to multiple doctors and derms (mainly when I was younger), and tried everything under the sun to rid this acne disease (except for accutane, they never thought my acne was bad enough to need it). My acne always ranged from 1-6 medium sized nodules along my jaw line and occasionally around and on my nose. I also have oily skin and would get normal, small zits as well. But those didn't bother me like the nodules. When I was younger, I'd use harsh BP (benzyl peroxide) cleansers and creams which were just brutal on my skin and dried it out ridiculously bad...yet the acne was still there. I still currently use BP every once in a while, but only the cream and only as a spot treatment. I have always been a social guy and have had many friends and girlfriends throughout my life...but was never able to perform at my very best, knowing acne was invading my skin. I'd try to not let it bother me, but when I had gnarly breakouts, I'd turn my phone off and stay home to treat the flare up. It definitely damped my social and work life from time to time and seemed to get worse the older I got. The derms I'd go to would just write me a prescription for some type of pill, that would typically destroy my stomach, and a harsh BP cleanser. They'd tell me there is NO CURE for acne and that I'd eventually grow out of it. How ignorant and misled these doctors and derms are. When I figured these derms were no help and nothing they were prescribing me worked, I came to this site and read every damn article on here. I found that acne is an internal problem, and no matter how much you wash your face and put creams on it, you're going to breakout, until you find the internal problem. My internal problem is inflammation...that's what acne nodules and cysts are. I found out the foods I was eating (gluten, diary, sugar) were my triggers. So I straight quit those foods...6 months later my acne was much better, but I had lost 25 pounds! NOT GOOD! I'm 5 ft 11 in and weighed 165 lbs...I was then only weighing 140 lbs. Friends I hadn't seen for months, thought I was sick or had cancer. My wife thought I looked too boney and underweight. So I couldn't go on not eating all these delectable foods...if you know, gluten, diary and sugar is in almost everything we eat. So I went back to eating normal and my acne flared back up like a god damn nuclear bomb! I then discovered part one my acne cure...ZINC! I take a half pill (50 mg zinc gluconate) every morning with breakfast and the other half of the pill at night with dinner. I also take 800 IU of vitamin A, 1000mg of vitamin C and 400 IU of vitamin D every morning with breakfast...those are just to help with your immune system (which helps fight acne and inflammation). I purchased all these vitamins at my local Target for under $15 and they all last for a long time (few months). Okay, so taking Zinc helped my skin get to 80% clear. My skin was still relatively oily, but no big deal, my nodules and normal zits were pretty much gone. I knew that Zinc was a very strong anti-inflammatory. I also knew taking it with my meals countered the inflammation the food was causing in my body. I then happened to also notice that ibuprofen was a strong anti-inflammatory as well. And I figured the other 20% or so of my acne that was still lingering around was being caused by the foods I was eating at lunch. See, the Zinc was fighting the inflammation caused by my breakfast and dinner foods, but I wasn't taking anything with my lunch. So when I decided to start taking 1 or 2 200mg of ibuprofen with my lunch, I found I didn't breakout at ALL! I know taking ibuprofen every day isn't good for your kidneys and liver. But you know what, it sure as hell beats not having acne on my face! So I'll take my chances for now... So, I have now been ACNE FREE for 3 months...the longest I've ever gone since I started getting them. The scars are starting to dissipate and clear up. My life has never been better and it's awesome to know when I wake up in the morning, I don't have to run to the mirror to see what my face was going to look like that day. I've been more positive at work and doing so much more with my young kids and wife on the weekends. And don't get me wrong, I still get the occasional pimple, but nothing bad and they're usually gone within a day or two. Haven't received a SINGLE cyst or nodule since taking zinc and/or ibuprofen with every meal. But you have to be sure to take the zinc or ibuprofen with every meal and it's best to take it right before you start eating, not after. My normal facial care is using Cetaphil gentle cleanser when I shower in the morning and when I wash my face before bed at night. I use a non-greasy, non-comedogenic moisturizer when necessary...but I live by the beach in southern california where there's a lot of humidity, so I only use it if I've been in the sun all day and my face gets really dry. Try my regimen...what have you got to lose? My life has gotten 100x brighter in the past three months I haven't had acne...I look forward to waking up every day and giving it my all, knowing my face is clear. I travel a lot for work and meet a lot of new people, so this has literally changed my entire life for the better. Inflammation = Acne Stopping Inflammation = No Acne & Happy Life Simple as that.... And no, my name is not Peter Griffen...he's from Family Guy.

Peter Griffen

Peter Griffen


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