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Day 1~Day 4 (20Mg)

Hi, I decided to post up my blogposts extracted from www.my-oratane-journey.blogspot.com to Acne.org. Day 1 Just came back from the Doctors. My blood test results was fine, everything was normal except for the thyroid production? I'm not really sure. Had to take another blood test to test for Hypothyroidism cos apparently, I had lower than normal count? After I left the Doctors, I went straight to the Labtest and took a blood test. It was one blood test tube for Hypothyroidism so

Day 5~Day 7 (20Mg) - End Of Week 1

Day 5 I woke up this morning, haven't taken my 5th Oratane pill and I felt numb lips. It was definitely a weird numb feeling on my lips as if I had some sort of injection on my upper and lower lips. Kinda like botox and I didn't get a good sleep last night either but I don't think it affected my numb lips. Also, I woke up during the night because I was just so thirsty. I was lazy to get out of bed to go to kitchen to get water, so I tried to get back to sleep in bed. Wrong move. After

Sweetsundae21's Oratane (20Mg) Journey X > Day 8~Day 11 (20Mg) - Start Of Week 2

Day 8 Finally, the start of Week 2! I'm not experiencing any heavily dry lips. Just the occasional normal to slight dry lips. No dry skin? But I've been religiously putting lotion every time I finish having a shower. Also I have been drinking more than 2 litres of water per day. I'm not sure how I'm going to cope with drinking more than 2 litres of water during uni but I'll be ok. Will need to visit the toilet, always though. Kinda annoying but I'll be ok. . . . Just looked int

Sweetsundae21's Oratane (20Mg) Journey X > Day 12~Day 14 (20Mg) - End Of Week 2

Day 12 Same as Day-11. P.S - I think I may be breaking out on my both my jawlines soon and also my cheeks? Well, feels like it when I wash my face. Day 13 Same as Day-12. Except more outbreaks.................................. Also, when I wash my face with lukewarm water, my cheeks feel 'sensitive to dry'. And I notice my lips is starting to get dry... Day 14 More............breakouts. Noticeable dry lips.

Sweetsundae21's Oratane (20Mg) Journey X > Day 15~Day 18 (20Mg) - Start Of Week 3

Day 15 More breakouts...................breakouts from yesterday, became bigger. I couldn't stand it cos it hurts. I popped a few.................. My lips are DRY now. I just cracked my lips and it bled. I just hope my skin will clear soon but it seems impossible, because I feel like my whole face is pimply. You know, washing your face, its sore and really bumpy. That's when you know, your going to have a pimple. Well, that's what my whole face feels like. I had an acquaintance f
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