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Brown Cystic Spotting On My Buttocks For Years That Won't Go Away...

Hello everyone! I have a big problem with acne right bellow my back, on the left, ALWAYS on the left. I don't know whether it was acne, it looks like it was, because it started as a red pimple that got old and became brown. I have it for years (about 10 years more or less) and it will not go away! I am 25 now and I do not know what to do. The dermatologist said that there is nothing to be done, since surgery would leave a big scar tissue. I am using Benzoyl Peroxide 10% at the moment. Don't know if it is going to help at all. I just keep doing it because there is nothing else that I can actually think of! Lately, a NEW pimple appeared on top of the old one. I think I made the mistake of scratching it so it became red and blood came out of it. I keep dumping lots of Benzoyl Peroxide creme on it. Please help me, because I don't want that whole area to become full of embarassing pimples and I would really love those two, the old and the new to just go away! Thank you for reading and thanks for the help