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The One Who Took My Artistic Virginity :)

Hi there, Just thought I would share my new found creative outlet. What is she speaking about? You ask...well feast your little eyes on my very first painting ever! As I lay in my bed, rotting my brain by the second, cozy warm and completely useless I think to myself....."get up woman, jimminy cripes you already have a permanent outline of your body from laying here all the time. Why dontcha just do something....anything. ding! A lightbulb goes off and I dream up all of these paintings that I have sketched out in the little bill booklet that I carry with me like its my life. I jumped up, put on about six layers of clothes because Colorado weather is redic, and with a pep-in my step head out to hobby lobby. Of course I haven't been there before so I had to do the whole GPS bit, and don't forget the part where it somehow still manages to force you to make at least one u-turn. I pull up, snag a front row parking from a fellow craftmaker and go in. Ahhhhh (the heavens just opened up sound) I have never ever in all my years seen a place quite so lovely. There are tiny trinkets to my left, decorations to my right, DIY galore I tell ya! I stop dreaming of all the things I can create...."you don't have the money Larina, go straight for the paint supplies, don't torture yourself" I say this over and over.....mind racing. I get there, its not cheap, but I'm here. I'm doing this. Ohhhh its done, no turning back now. I throw three canvas' in my cart along with the main acrylic colors and then after standing in the paint brush isle for an hour like an idiot I pick a pack of twelve...I'm gonna need variety, I don't even know what the heck I'm doing. Haha. A cart full of supplies and 200 bucks later I'm home. I begin....it feels weird I'm used to drawing, which comes natural. But this, it feels different. More calming, I like it and two days later. "the maple beaut" is what I shall name her. Yes, it fits ....lots of time and a lot of "that looks bad, gotta re-do that's" later, I feel gooooood. Hope you think it is good, I think so for my first painting ever. This was actually about a month ago, I have started two more since but don't wanna reveal them until their primped up and ready for show.