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Day 54... 40Mg

So I've stopped the erythromycin and my dosage was upped to 40mg. I have definitely noticed a big difference. My doctor suggested I try a month at 40mg & if the side effects are too severe I can drop back down or do alternative days with 2 pills. Symptoms: Extremely dry cracked lips Vision is very poor. Hair is thinning Skin is flaking off Heels are extremely dry. Nosebleeds last week at work (eek) Lethargy This is odd, I've started to notice wrinkles developing on my forehead.

Ladies! Acctuane Effects Day 13

OMG! I have never had period pain.... slight discomfort maybe but today I discovered that I've never had real period pain because I am in total agony. It hit me like a freight train.... I feel nauseous, aching & it's so severe I can't stop the tears. I had a google & it seems a fair few other girls experienced this in their first month. I can't breathe properly it hurts so much..... Why haven't more people talking about this? Symptoms experienced so far: - Extremely dry lips - Ten




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Day 6 On Accutane

So far so good... I have more cysts on my chin & cheeks (that REALLY hurt) but I noticed last night my skin is starting to look a little different. I am still on Erythromycin as well so I'm disappointed the spots have come up. Symptoms so far: Dry lips - Day 3 progressively getting a little drier each day Dry feet - Day 4 Headache - Day 4 Skin worsening - Day 3 onwards * I need to add I have found the most AMAZING lip balm by Alpha Keri. It's also got SPF 30+ protection in it!




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Accutane Survival Kit

I spent a looong time trying to find information on survival kits. In fact that's the main reason I think I am going to keep a blog is so others can know what products work in alleviating the symptoms. Money really isn't a concern I am basing my findings solely on how well they work. Over the past month I have compiled a list in my Evernote and just cut and pasted it. Note there are prices & stores to purchase beside a lot of them. US means US dollar and AU is Australian dollar. My stats

Why I'm Here - Before Accutane

Hi I'm Miss Australia, I'm 25 and I have "acne" (duh). I was one of those lucky few who never had a pimple during high school and did not purchase my first bottle of foundation until I was 21. Something happened almost overnight (well, over a fortnight) and I ended up with bands of cysts across my face. They never came to the surface and when I went to the doctors he told me I had acne and I had to go on Roaccutane (Accutane for all you stateside users). My mother who lectures in mental health w
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