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Life with Acne

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Life With Acne

Hi, So now im 24 years old and Acne is my arch nemesis (it is to be noted that im no super hero). I have been a member of this website for over a year now and to conclude I’ve not taken any measures to stick to routine of treatments. I did the entire dermatologist, anti-biotic and creams sketch but I couldn’t imagine taken pills for the rest of my lift (im sure the pills had side effect). If I go on holiday to a sunny place my acne disappears as if by magic, but as soon I get back home (uk cold and miserable) it starts over again. I though id move to hot climate country but that would be running away from the problem. I know there more important issues out there in the world like starvation etc and in the grand scheme of things Acne is not be all and end all. But this is my issue Acne owns me right now im always looking in a mirrors or glass reflection. Even they don’t tell the true story, in some mirrors it looks ok in others it kind of sucks. Self esteem kind of fluctuates up and down like a yo yo and it’s not because of the way I look cause I have a girlfriend and doesnt see it as a issue. Acne is an illness that a person can’t help but become so conscious about, conscious about themselves, acne as an illness and the way they look. It’s a shame that in the 21st century keeping up appearance is everything. Now I’m going to give Dan’s regime a shot. This is a blog for me to reflect on nothing more. Zaaap




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