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New Regimen: Eczema, PIH, Folliculitis

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New Regimen: Eczema, Pih, Folliculitis, Occasional Pimple

I've been suffering from mild acne since I was thirteen. I used Retin A when it used to peel your face so bad that your skin didn't match your neck. After years of birth control pills and Differin I was able to manage the few breakouts and occasional pimples I had. My main problem is PIH for even the smallest pimple. Also when I turned 20 I got my first eczema lesion. I've also been managing it well with steroidal and non-steriodial creams. So now with those under control except for PIH I developed sebhorrihic dermatitis (also manageable) that caused fungal follicultis. So it turns out people with acne and eczema are more susceptible to pityrosporum folliculitis which is what I was diagnosed with almost a year ago. It's the overgrowth of yeast (that is already present in the skin) that causes inflammation and infection of the hair follicles. Occasionally I have a couple on my face that leaves dark spots (PIH) darker than when I had acne. Also, I got to the gym a lot and every time I go I'm at risk of getting new infections and/or inflaming old ones. I'm currently working hard using gentle cleaners and anti-fungal shampoos to combat this condition. Luckily, it is working but the effects of PIH are bad. I've been continuing to use Differin 0.3% to avoid pimples and help fade the PIH and began microdermabrasion treatments (every 2 months) and they seem to be working. I only hope I can finally clear my folliculitis which was well under control (only a couple of spots on the face) in December but recently broke out on my back when I took birth control pills. Now that I'm off the pill I've had no new outbreaks and the old lesions are drying out and healing. I am almost over this and I hope it stays that way. Folliculitis has been stressful for me and caused a slight blow to my confidence. It is also irritating when I work out and sleep causing my eczema to flare up. I am hoping to hear from other folliculitis sufferers to hear if anyone has completely managed to get it under control. Reading the message boards has been helpful but also has me doubtful I can overcome this completely. it seems most sufferers have had it ongoing for years. REGIMEN AM Cetaphil Daily Cleanser with Clarisonic Brush Mild Baby Wash for body or Head and Shoulders classic (one per week) or Selsun Blue (once per week) Ketonconazole 2% spot treatment Elta MD UV facial moisturizer w/Cetaphil Moisturizing cream or Epiceram PM Cetaphil Daily Cleanser with Clarisonic Brush Ketonconazole 2% spot treatment Differin 0.3% with Cetaphil Moisturizing cream or Epiceram Epsom Salt Baths 1-2 times per week