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Here's To New Beginnings

Hi guys. So. We're all hear for the same reason.. we're tired of the situation genetics/life has dealt us and it's time to do something about it. I will be 20 in June this year, I work full time and I study part time. I don't like going to work etc with spots on my skin, I feel I lack confidence because of it. My skin is a sore point for me - spots started appearing on my chin and cheeks from the time I was 14.. They were intensely bad then, I swear I had spots on spots! Then I started a proper skin care regime.. Facewashes morning and night etc. I've tried it all. Oxy - Clearasil - Clean and Clear - none of these really worked. I think they damaged my skin to be honest. When I was about 17 I started using Garnier and L'Oreal lines of facewashes and moisturisers, as well as a salacylic acid roll-on pen from the 'PURE' range. This stuff actualy made a huge difference. I was also taking multivitamins daily - one high in vitamin A content - such as Centrum. But alas - my skin never quite reaches perfection. As spots disappear - more appear. It annoys the living crap out of me. It comes and goes in waves, just when I think I'm getting somewhere I'll relapse and look terrible. It's embarrassing. Thankfully I've never had deep cystic acne that has left scars. As a last resort, on Friday February 10th 2012, I went to see my GP. I told him that it was time he fixed my skin, haha He has prescribed Acnetane (this is South Africa - it's made my Adhoc Ingram) .. but like the others, is an isotretinoin medication for a 5 month course. I was talking to a friend of mine who was on it - apparently my dosage is not very high - just enough to finish off what's left of this foul demon. I have been prescribed 10mg morning and night for 10 days. Then 10mg in the morning and 20mg at night for the remainder of the course. 30mg a day doesn't seem too bad. Regardless, I'm hoping it works. I drink loads of water, I eat healthily and I've done the research. I know the risks and I know the possible side-effects. I'm hoping they don't appear to be honest. A friend of mine had terrible, deep, purple, scarring acne and I've seen what accutane can do - I want those results. As such, I started the course on Saturday night with the first 10mg pill. Both on Sunday and both on Monday (today) ... I know you cannot expect immediate results - that would be stupid - we're dealing with a long-term, harsh medication here. I will post a picture as a referrence, perhaps tomorrow - from what I can see I've had a bit of a flare-up. Quite a few new spots appeared on the sides of my top lip. I'm hoping this does not last. The flare-up may have been aggravated by my exfoliating facewash right? I read that somewhere tonight - I'll stop using it as of tomorrow. Any advice as to whether I should continue using the salacylic acid roll-on for spots? It's quite helpful. I hope to hear from you guys and that this is a once-off course. To any of you on this journey with me, I wish you the best of luck.




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