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Claravis; Day - Idk!

I'm just going to say this, I'm done counting days. I think that counting days will end up messing with your mind. I will tell you this though, I did 24 pills of 20mg and 20 pills of 40mg. And no, not 48 days. I and starting to notice the beinging of the first break outs., and my skin is yet to be dry. I have had a few headaches, like 2 since I started 40mg. I got to say I hate the mirrior. In my mind, its and instant downer. OH and digital pictures... I hate camaras. This isnt new, but i have noticed, that im forming a resentments towords the people with clear skin. What makes them have clear skin and not I. Im not talking about phyiscally. I'm talking about what makes them the lucky one. Like I see A**hole punks that get in trouble everyday having clear skin. Drugy stoners, law breakers, Woman beaters, and kids that are all around messed up, have clear skin. Its not fair, nor is life I guess. So whatever. I see it as a challenge only the strong ones can concur. With that said I have noticed a differance, but im starting to break out. No picture this time, because I'm likely going to throw my camara at a wall. haha Comment questions Regards, Zack.

Day 25 (24 Days Of 20Mg And 1 Day Of 40Mg Of Claravis)

Hello, once again. Let me break this down. Yesterday on the 24th of March i was uped. Form 20mg to 40mg. Right now i am only taking once-a-day. So far the only side effects of my course of medication is dry skin. Not very dry, and as a matter of fact, its not even on my face. I am experiancing dryness on the back side of my arms (Tricepts) more so on my right arm then my left. This would be the only thing worth stating as a side effect. I have had 2 head ahces, which wernt even bad. Seriously, more like a disscomfert. I didnt even take any pain killers for then. Now to the progress. To say the least and spare your time, I haveny experienced a bad flare yet. There are some days that i dont even get new ones! and there are somedays that i get 5+. Which is an improvement form 15+ a day.

Day 14 - Claravis (Isotretinoin 20Mg Capsules)

Well.. what can i say? It's been 14 days and i am working on my second pack of Claravis. I take one-a-day everyday. There isnt much to say, which I don't to be a good thing or bad thing. My skin has been clearing up' it hasny got dry... yet. It might be because I'm only taking 20 mg once a day. It also might be the Prednisone (Anti-inflamatory) I have been taking along with Claravis. I hate my phone's camara... [ Regards, ZackaryTheHopeful

Day 1 - Claravis (Isotretinoin 20Mg Capsules)

Well today I picked up my perscription for Claravis (Generic Accutane). ii an to take one 20mg capsule a day. I took one today with plenty of water and food as directed. I an excited to see how my journey will go. I will post picures later to day as a before reference. I will post a picture, or two (one of each side of my face), every two weeks. I will also list my side effects every week. Thanks, ZackaryTheHopeful




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The Beginning

Hey, my name is Zackary, and I have had ance since the 6th grade (I am now a senior in high school). I only started breaking out on my nose, then to my chin, then forehead, then my cheeks. Staring off slowly then progress there after. By the time I was in high school my face was cover with red bumps and ugly white head. No matter what I did, or do, it never cleared up, even just a little. So about my jounior year I decide I has enough and went to seek prescribtions instead of the useless OTC products.