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Looking Up

My skin is finally looking nice. A few places here and there but they are supperficial at the most. I just finished my cycle and I didn't breakout on it so I'm wondering if I'll breakout afterwards. That sometimes happens. But either way, my skin has been doing really nice. The Tea Tree Oil must be what's doing it. I am activly trying not to pick at my face as well, I'v always noticed a big difference in my skin when I'v left it alone. It's the blackheads that always draw me back in. But I'v bee


Its's been a while since I'v updated. My skins been doing "OK" on my current skincare. But its not perfect, and I still can't go around make up less, which is something I am dying to do. Especially this summer. Here's my dilema...I'v ordered Dan's Bp.....but I haven't started using it yet because I'm still hesitant to put all those chemicals on my skin and I'm aftraid it will break me out worse and all sorts of things. Also, I'v been useing a lot of tea tree oil in the past few weeks and my skin

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Still Looking Up :)

My skin continues to do pretty well. I try to eat as healthy as possible, I don't pick at my skin, except for blackheads because they drive me crazy, but I'm trying to stop that because i know my skin will get better if I do. I'm exerciseing a lot and so far not much bacne besides the one or two spots. I had a big HUGE cyst on my chin this week tho..and I'm sorry to say I picked..but it hurt soo much and it was KILLING me! I HAD to get that crap out. But either way, its healing up now, theres ju

Life Is Good!

My skin is doing SOOOO good! I had no idea how not picking at my skin could be do so much for it!!!! It's incredible! My skin has been doing so well. ONE current pimple along my hairline.... Dan's AHA+ is my Holy Grail beauty product...I use it almost everynight. I love it! And my skin loves it! I'm also cleaning uo my diet (I'm not being too active on that though since its the holidays lol); no dairy, gluten, sugar or soy. Life is good

Pretty Dang Happy!

My skin is doing soo much better. This week it was alittle rough because I was on my period and I'd been eating like crap all week...(and the week before )...But its still like insanely better than my skin usually is!!!!!!!! The biggest thing that has helped my skin is not picking. I know a lot of people are like..yeah whatever and trust me. I use to think that. But seriously, that has helped my skin sooo much!!!! I still pop the huge big inflamed white heads because they are just gross. And I a

One Day I Woke Up And There Was More To Love :)

My skin has been really good as of late ! I'm really liking it!! I'v been changing a lot of stuff in a manner of speaking. I'v been cutting out Guten, Soy and Dairy and trying to limit sugars (not going so well on that one..lol ). I'v also havnt been picking at my skin (a litlle 'whithead management" was nessessary at times ) But over all my skin just keeps getting better! I just started my period so I'll admit, I'm a little worried about what my skin is going to do but even if it freaks, I'll

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It's Been A Good While :)

It's been a while since I'v updated my blog but my skin has been doing really good latley. Any problems I'v had have mostly been me picking at my problem areas... Right now I'm currently waiting for a few of those places to heal..but over all my skin has been really looking good! Here's my current skincare regime: Morning: *Wash face, tone with my toner (I make it myself: witch hazel, tea tree oil and lavendar oil), then go exercise(When I dont exercise I skip this step..obviously...) *Sh

(Almost) Clear Skin!

My skin is practically clear! I have alot of red marks, a few black heads and a couple of cloged pores but OMG I'm loving my skin. I'v been doing a few new things with it and I will make a more detailed post about it later, but I am just so happy right now!!!!!!

I'm Kinda Happy With My Skin At The Moment...shock!

My skin is making me happy right now. I'm wearing minimal make up and I actually look pretty good! I'm so happy with how fast my skin is clearing up after that breakout. I did kind of fail and pick at my nose and around my mouth a little bit.... But its those awful blackheads!!!!!!!! And clogged pores!!!!!! They just sit there tempting me!!!!!!!!!! But anyways...I am going to try to stop picking (how many times have I said that?..please nobody keep track..) I hope I will eventually quit. So


Ok, so I'm just finishing up my cycle and as always I'v experienced a breakout. But not as bad as they use to be...even though I went and picked my face to shreads which didnt help anything.... But the Spin Brush is really helping! It helps me heal and clear up alot faster I think. Yet again, I know that if I could stop picking, my skin would be so much better. I AM going to try though. I promise. I'm wondering if im drying my skin out too much and then just adding moisture to it..just a thou

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I Think I May Have Found It?

Ok so I'v been useing the Olay Spin Brush "thingy" for...a week now?? And I'v got to say. It's really working. I still have acne but it's getting better and considering where I am in my cycle my face is AMAZING. I'm working on not picking and drinking more water, and I'm going to start using my nose strip things I got (by Biore) to help with the blackheads. I also just bought some of Dan's AHA lotion and I'm going to try to incorperate it into my routine. I think that should help with my blac

Pretty Impressive For A Spin Brush Thingy....

Ok, so I'v been useing the Olay Spin Brush PRO-X Spin Brush "thingy". And, I'm really impressed. I'm on my period and I usually have alot of hormonal acne going on about right now, but everywhere that they've threatened to popped up the brush ran them off!!!!!! I did go a little crazy on my nose last night...its just I can't STAND blackheads!!!!!!!! But, I'm really going to try and be patient and let the brush take care of it. One thing I'v been thinking about and have decided to try i

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Olay Pro-X Spin Brush Thingy..

Ok. so the other day I purchased the Olay Pro-x Spin Brush. 32$ its like a clarsonic brush thingy. I used it last night and this morning and I have to say that first: I LOVE the way it feels. so soft and gentle Second: I was really worried about the exfoliation making my skin worse, especially since I had picked at a few spots before I used it.. BUT..it didnt! If anything it made them better. I also had a place on my check that was staring to hurt and get red which ment I knew I was about to h

Long Time No Write

Its been a while since I'v written, Life is so busy. Vacation was ok. I spent it wearing make up every single day before anyone saw me tho. My face was HORRIBLE. But anyways..I'm trying not to pick at my skin in hopes of it getting better (I feel like I'v said this before).Its really hard when you have blackheads tho..ugh I hate them!!!!!! But I'v got those blackhead removing strips I'm going to use..I'm also going to try to up my water intake. I know one of the reasons My skin is so bad is

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Hard Times To Come? I Hope Not.

Ok so my face is looking kinda ok. But it usually looks its best right before I start my period. I'm going on vacation soon and will be spending like a week at the beach and I have high hopes for the salt water and my acne. I'v stopped using the AHA cream since I'm going to the beach and it increases sun sensitivity. So right now I'm useing Lavender oil instead and its really helping! I'm also using real aloe vara gel (like straight from the plant) on my face. It feels so good I'm plan

I Wish I Could Cut Off My Hands. But Then What Would Put On My Acne Cream?

I wish I could blame my hands for how my face looks. But I know its really my lack of self control. If I would quit picking at my skin I KNOW it would be so much better. But instead of stopping when I say I'm going to, I find myself in front of the mirror, hunting for any and everything I can possibly pick at. Then, when my face is oozing, red and sore, I blame my hands. Is picking an addiction? I feel like it is. Either that or a mental disorder. I WANT to stop!!!! If i ever get rid of acne

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Not As Bad As It Could Be.

I am so tired of acne. Last night I was so depressed about things that had happened that day that I kind of took it out on my skin. AKA i picked it to DEATH. BUT...supprisingly it doesnt look like it?!?!?!?!!? Like there's redness but no little bubbly white heads or huge swelling on the ones that wouldn't pop. I have no idea why that happened, but I am sooo thankful! Needless to say. I am still trying to do the no picking thing. Its so hard to do it with the ones that hurt tho! And that I

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Life With Acne

So my right check is begining to show the signs of emerging disaster.. But I'm so drained of think about my acne I almost don't even care. Almost. I'm going to try to stop picking at my skin. I don't think there's anything wrong with a little 'white head management' but I'v been really picking at like everything on my face. And it's really taking it's toll. So....I'm going to stop. Starting today. It's usually at night before my shower (or afterwards) that I pick. So I'm going to like write w

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80% Depressed And 20% Hopefull

So I'm kind of down about my skin right now. Just because I'm tired of dealing with this..I'm tired of looking at people who have clear skin and dont have to wear make up. Don't have to worry about touching their face, going swimming, sweating, ANYTHING!!!!!!! And the sad part is my skin really isnt that bad right now. My scars are tho. And I have alot of scars on my back from a random HUGE outbreak of bacne about 2 months ago. Like seriously. It was so weird. I get a few spots here and ther

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I'm Back! With A Update!

OK. wow i'v been gone awhile, I honestly have no excuse except I'v been busy. My face is looking really good right now, alittle red because I kind of went at it removing blackheads lastnight (I know, I;m ashamed of myself. Really!) Plus i'v been useing a AHA cream from...I can't remember the name of the place..But its natural and so good. It kind of burns my skin at first but it helps with my acne like you wouldnt believe! I put it on at night under lotion on my lerrosett rejuvinating serum an

Brief Update

Its been awhile since I'v posted anything but I'v been sick as a dog for I don't know how long. Right now I have a ear infection and I have optical Migrains on top of it all. But an update for my face is, it's actualy doing ok. I'm recovering from a breakout right now. I swiched my multi vitamin to one a day womens with healthy skin support. It had something called Lution or Biotin or something in it and broke me out something AWFUL As soon as I stopped my skin stopped breaking out and I'v be

Lerosett Days 9- 13 Summery

I havn't posted in a while because my life has just been too supper busy. A summery of the past few days is I'v been following my normal routine and trying to eat as little and as healthy as possible. Those three pimple on the left side of my face became huge but are now almost dried up. I'v broken out inbetween my eyebrows and along my hair line, along with a few zits scattered here and there. But I think that it might have something to do with the fact that I switched my daily vitamin to One

Lerosett Days 7 And 8

Summery of day 7: Things went ok, people have been telling me my face is doing better but I wonder if they're just saying that because they know I'm trying a new thing and they want to make me feel better or if they really see an improvement? That morning (Thursday) I washed witht the cleanser, used the Lerosett clay mask for 15 minutes, toned, put on Badgers SPF 15 spot treated and then cleaned house like a mad woman. Along with laundry. I didn't use the healing serum because I knew I was goin

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Lerosett Day 6

Last night I did my usual routine but I also did a honey mask for a little while while I was in the shower. I just felt like my skin needed some pampering I haven't worn make up all week except for sunday, its been hard going around and catching my scared up face in every mirror, pot and pan (and anything else that reflects an image) but I have hope that this will not be my future. Thankfully my scars are really just severe hyperpigmentation (aka 'redmarks'). I think I can see I might have one
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