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Let The Battle Begin....

Even though today is not my first day on the Regimen, I thought it was important for me to start writing this stuff down. I have a bad habit of forgetting things, and this should be a way for me to look back and reflect on what I am doing, what works, or doesn't work for me. So here is what is going on with me.... First off to topically kill the mess on my face. I started a few days ago on the regimen using Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer and neutrogena on the spot bp for treatment. Let's just say I was not thrilled at all! First of all, the Cetaphil cleanser did not lather at all!! Secondly, the bp dried way to quickly and left a nasty feeling residue on my face. Let's not forget the fact that when I put the moisturizer on it would ball up and flake off. The moisturizer was ok, but a little greasy feeling. All of this in the first two days which was irritating to say the least. This led me to the conclusion that I just had to get my hands on some DKR. Placed my order and was very anxious to get the good product on. My shipment arrived today!!!!! Happy do far. The cleanser lathers very well, the bp is smooth, and the moisturizer doesn't feel greasy at all. My initial breakout is subsiding very quickly. On a side note, I will start ortho tri cyclen tomorrow. Prescribed by the doctor to help with acne, facial hair, and regulate my cycle. Also workong on an overall lifestle change including weight loss, exercise, a better overall diet, sleep schedule, stress management, and taking more pride in my outward appearance. Cheers to the beginnings of the new me!