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Started a new regime, 6 months antibiotic Lymecycline, BP wash, Differen to leave on the face over night, Salicylic acid wash 2%, BP cream 5% (just if i feel like it, gives a little extra)Manuka honey for scars, Garnier concealer

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The Start

Hey whats up guys and girls, i started this regime thursday night; so far...Success . I love the good old Antibiotic and BP combo. So lets start with my regime... AM: Salicylic acid 2% garnier wash, distribute evenly, leave on for 3 minutes, wash off with luke warm water, stinging my occur but no pain no gain Benzoyl peroxide 10% Panoxyl, distribute evenly, leave on for 3-4minute, was off with luke warm water, it will sting like hell, but just put up with it, it is worth it and skin will feel like you have just scrapped a layer off haha. Simple moisturiser with vitamin E, yes it is basic, i probably need a better one like from The Body Shop, they do good vitamin E, Or what about Palmer's ? what do you think? Back to the Simple moisturise; it does the job. Garnier concealer roll on- Wait for face to calm down around 20 mins, then just roll it on the spot and blend it. Zinc- Just basic Morrisons Zinc 15mg, i take around 7, does the job pretty well to be honest. Vitamin D + Calcium - Only reason for this is because my mum bought it and it helps my back and fingers. PM- Salicylic Acid + Benzoyl peroxide wash 10% Differen cream- Spread evenly, i am telling you this stuff works, it kills when you first put it on for around a minute; it is like putting aftershave all over your face, it hurts. I had no initial break out with this as long as you do the regime properly. I leave this on over night because it doesn't blend properly and leaves my face oily. Lymecycline- Taken orally with a glass of water- Every day around 4-5pm. No initial breakout aslong as you follow regime. Zinc- take about 3 hours after Lymecycline just because they interact. Cod liver oil- Vitamin A ; just a test. I am enjoying this regime, i mean its heavy duty, but i reckon in a month or so i will be clear; with hyper-pigmentation marks. What are your thoughts on this? Its a tough journey there, To be honest i need your guys support, i hate looking in the mirror, i am very self conscious and i am 14 years old, i have had acne for a year now. As for hyper-pigmentation what do you suggest? I will be posting on this blog every day or two just to share my thoughts, also please leave comments and advice .




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