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would like to know what it is and what to do for it

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Rocks, Glass ? Under My Skin

wow, i have been looking for something like this site for ages!! Im 54 and still have acne, but this last year i have been getting these things out of my skin that are usually round, some clear, some off white, some light brown, but they all feel like a splinter or glass in the skin, some are very deep, and i have even had 5 in the same hole (more like a tunnel). i took some to my regular doctor and he said they are petrified blackheads.....???? hmmmm. he didnt offer a solution, or name. i have tried to smash them, but you have to hit them with a hammer, then it seems to shatter like glass or a stone. i seem to just dig and dig until i get them out and i end up looking like a lepor and they do leave deep holes. i have read some of the other blogs and it sounds like im not the only one having this problem. has anyone ever gotten a diagnosis, im not happy with the petrified blachead thing.also, i do have some hairs on my chin that hurt to touch or pull and they are like ten pound test, they are deep and i have been pulling them out for years but they just keep coming back. I take tetricycline for my acne, have been for years and years, i believe it is no longer working and maybe i need something new. i also have a few holes that i get stuff out of all the time, never goes away, i can count on them being full every week. i seem to be an obsessive picker, if i feel it, it has to come out or off. any sugesstions for anyone or all of these problems?




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