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Check, Check, Check

Looking on the internet gives us the same information over and over again. Things that we have tried, and failed keep on popping up in front of us making it seem useless to read anything on the internet. Hopefully i can help you out though. I suffer acne and I have for over 3 years, moderate to severe. From the internet I have learned that acne can be the result from different reasons but overall its your body telling you that there is something wrong internally, which you should fix asap. Since there is not one cure for acne people seem hopeless in how to start a routine to stop acne in its tracks. From being an acne sufferer for over 3 years, this is what I have learned First off, since acne is caused by different factors in everyone it is good to make a checklist. From what I have learned, some of the causes of acne are as follows: The famous "dirty face" or "too clean face" Hormonal inbalances Dietary issues These are the main causes in my opinion but are deffinately not limited to these. So keeping your face clean is a good habbit to get into, once or twice a day with a mild face wash. If you want you can try BP to kill bacteria. Now if you do this for a week and find no changes in your acne your dirty face isnt causing acne. Keep on washing your face (perferably without BP) but do not over wash because it will make acne worse and we already went over how dirt on your face isnt the problem. Next, hormonal inbalances are a big part of acne. The easiest way to say this is stop masturbating. Doing it more then a couple times a month isnt natural and masturbating spikes the same hormones that cause acne. For me this is what is helping me clear up big time. If you dont masturbate, keep it up. You can also buy vitamins and minerals to help control hormones like zinc. Now, diet can be another factor that causes acne. Personally I find the foods with trans and saturated fats arent good for the skin. To cross diet out as a factor of your acne, eat whole, natural foods for a week or two. If no changes are made in your acne you can cross it out. Personally when I tried this I felt so much more alive, but I just found it too hard not to eat the junk foods so i couldnt keep it up for more then a week. If none of these suggestions worked for your acne you can always see a derm. but thats old news I assume. At least now you can cross some causes out and try to think of other reasons why your acne is still hanging around. Just remember, acne was never an issue in the early onset of the human race, so try to be as natural as you can.




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