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Day 7 On My Roaccutane Journey

Hi everyone I'm a 31 year old woman who gave birth to a lovely little girl called Holly 4 weeks ago (21 Dec 2011). I had battled with acne since my teenage years which was always controlled with Dianette contraceptive. Over the years I have come off the pill and my acne always returned with a vengeance. After deciding to try for a family, I became pregnant and from 12 weeks onwards, my acne steadily became worse and worse. My pregnancy was a complete misery as I was depressed all the time about how I looked, tried to avoid people and generally stayed indoors People don't realise the awful psychological effect acne has on people - I got to a point where I was obsessing over my skin and due to the depression it caused, I pushed to be induced as I couldn't cope anymore. As soon as I had Holly, my skin instantly started to improve - however, it has recently got worse again and is particularly bad around my chin area. Due to the scarring, blackheads and whiteheads, new spots etc, my chin looks a complete mess and I cannot even hide it under make-up. So...I decided to see a private derm who has prescribed me roaccutane. In addition to being back on Dianette I am now on day 7 of the roaccutane and taking anti-depressants cope. I'm pretty gutted to see that many new spots/whiteheads seem to be coming to the surface - also known as the initial breakout I think. I feel so anxious and depressed about it but am hoping that this is just the roaccutane pushing everything out rather than my skin just getting worse. I am trying to stay positive for my husband and new baby but it's just so hard. Along with the stress of raising a newborn, I have this ongoing daily battle to face. Will keep you posted on my progress and wish everyone lots of luck in this struggle against acne - replies to this post are much appreciated. Sue x




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