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About this blog

I have one goal. Clear skin. If you don't think big, you don't do big things.

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Being The New Kid

been a week at my new school now. fyi its only the best high school in australia. outperforms everyone in the country by quite some distance. so yeah, along with such prestige comes high egos. so these kids are acting like theyre top shit. oh i shouldnt sound like some hateful teenage boy, cos im not that. to sum up it was quite terrible feeling isolated, but now im feeling the warmth, the love. so its all good as for my acne, i dont know why, but im just not breaking out. im not even following the regimen that strictly O.o (due to my school committments ofcourse) its healed so much girls at school are calling me cute so i guess im on the right track. looks like bright days are ahead. moral of the story i guess is that, if you make it through the bad times (the bad bad acne) and persevere, you'll eventually be on track. it applies to anything in life, except well if you collapse the economy or something. then youre in deep shit. thats all from me. drowning in my workload of being a senior -_____- keep optimistic.




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Taking The First Step

Hello to everyone on acne.org, I'm starting this blog to inspire. Inspire who? Well, I know all too well from past experience that motivation and inspiration can lack at times when you pursue long term goals. Clear skin is just like that. This is to inspire myself and any one who feels like reading this. Clearing up my "moderate" acne is one of the priority's in my life at the moment. I'm giving this my 100%. Forgive me if I make a noob move here... I've never written blogs and to top it off I have only skimmed over some of you other guys' blogs. A few pointers would be very nice Okay to begin with, I am 15 year's old and going into 11th grade. I'm from Sydney, Australia and I have the infamous Asian skin tone that makes post inflammatory hyperpigmentation marks (scars) stand out. Just scanning from the message boards and such I know this is a bank of knowledge, and I know very little compared to the rest of you people. But I'm willing to learn if anyone reading this is willing to teach! Honestly. When I first got acne it was like being struck by a hammer. My confidence as completely shattered. I couldn't look in the mirrior. I avoided it. My girlfriend and i broke up at a very inconvenient time( sit down all of the "youre fifteen and you have a girlfriend" whingers. Ours was a serious relationship, k? ) so I felt like dirt. I was pyschologically as sick as a dog. I think people who overcome acne deserve an award. There is more than just a few red marks on your face. It makes your world come crashing down, with vivid, ongoing pain. And to get back on your feet and fight the acne alone with peers and family who don't understand your situation is very strong. It inspires me. So I have since recovered somewhat. I found the regime. I already had all the parts. Now I'm putting it to practice. I use; Cleanser- Neutrogena Oil free cleanser for acne prone skin (or something of that note)
BP- Galderma 5% BP gel
Moisturiser- Cetaphil moisturiser
Recommendations would be great! Like I said before, I don't know much and giving me a hand will be phenomenal. I would really appreciate it. I've got school in 10 days. I'm betting my bottom dollar I won't be better by then. But I'm confident I can make a difference. I also got bio oil for my scars. This blog is for inspiration. Hope you liked my first entry This is my Quest to Clear Skin SO LEAVE A COMMENT PLEASE!




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