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Being The New Kid

been a week at my new school now. fyi its only the best high school in australia. outperforms everyone in the country by quite some distance. so yeah, along with such prestige comes high egos. so these kids are acting like theyre top shit. oh i shouldnt sound like some hateful teenage boy, cos im not that. to sum up it was quite terrible feeling isolated, but now im feeling the warmth, the love. so its all good as for my acne, i dont know why, but im just not breaking out. im not even follow




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Taking The First Step

Hello to everyone on acne.org, I'm starting this blog to inspire. Inspire who? Well, I know all too well from past experience that motivation and inspiration can lack at times when you pursue long term goals. Clear skin is just like that. This is to inspire myself and any one who feels like reading this. Clearing up my "moderate" acne is one of the priority's in my life at the moment. I'm giving this my 100%. Forgive me if I make a noob move here... I've never written blogs and to top i




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