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Don't Tell Me What To Do, Face!

Today was my fateful day to get my haircut. I was totally set for it too, so I arose from my bed this morning to get ready. Naturally, as I looked into the mirror I notice that my face decided "hey, today would be a good day to look bad!" I raged a little, noting how much more ugly it added to my facial features and what the public might think about it. This quickly led me to consider postponing the journey. I thought on it a moment, and I refused to let my stupid, bumpy face dictate whether I could get a fabulous haircut or not. With one last glare into the mirror, I shoved myself into some decent clothes and carried on as planned. Oddly enough, it turned out o.k. I had a nice guy cut my hair, which made me feel a lot more comfortable I noticed. He did a lovely job too. Seeing my hair all spiffy made me forget about my dwonky face, I didn't even think much about it as I went shopping either. Sure, my face is still dried out and spotty, but I'm working on it, and eventually it'll get better (hopefully, lol). As difficult as it can be, focusing on a different aspect of your person really seems to help. Though, I suppose finding something you like about yourself can be a battle all on it's own, lol. On a seperate note, dairy really does seem to factor into my acne. My face was looking a bit less sore, and there weren't really many new zits after a few days with no dairy. Then I got a bad craving for chocolate and ice cream, so I ate some. Congratulations, you now have more zits! Gah. D:<

Thinking About Food

I figure it might be helpful to "document" my attempts at skin clearing and what not. After reading through some of the natural remedies and diet based posts, I got to wondering if perhaps what I ate was contributing to my issues. I'm kind of a weird eater, and my habits haven't been much different over the past ten years or so, lol. I'm a vegetarian, and was also a vegan up until a year or two ago (I missed normal ice cream, and tuna fish). I wish I could recall if being a vegan really made much difference in my skin. I don't really gorge myself on fattening food, maybe a few cookies or some ice cream here and there, that's about it. I mostly eat grains, fruits/vegetables and soy. Out of curiousity, I've decided to cut back on dairy products and sugary things, just to see if it makes anything better. It's been a few days and my forehead seems to have gone back to being clear like it usual is. The rest of my face is still a wreck though, and it's quite dry too. I'm also guilty of being a 'skin picker' I noticed, lol. It's weird, I don't even think about it, my hand just automatically goes up to my face and feels around for something to dig at. >:/ Something else to work on I guess! Still need to get a doctor's appointment too... which is a nuisance due to my dislike of my doctor (she's very.. insensitive? I suppose that's a good word for it). No doubt she'll say something about my face, lol. She says things like I don't notice it too, like "WOW, DID YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A LOT OF MARKS ON YOUR FACE" Noooo really? Gah. Foods of the day::: Breakfast(more like lunch, since it was noon hour) Sandwich composed of two slices of Vitality 100% whole wheat bread and some Nutella, along with a granola bar Afternoon - Two cookies Dinner - Potatos, corn, and half a cinnamon raisin bagel Evening - Bowl of Froot Loops with some blueberries on top Periodically drank So Good fat free original soy milk through out the day (I really need to drink more often, I just don't feel thirsty most of the time) Treatment of my face::: Wash it with warm water and Dove soap for sensitive skin, or use Spectro facial cleanser (scent free, for blemish prone skin) at least twice a day Need to find a good moisturizer
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