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Evolution of My FACE

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From ' Bubonic Plague' To ' I'm 19 And Look Like Edward James Olmos.'

I've had acne since I was a preteen. I am now in university. I'm 21. And I'm just slightly sick of it. Bad things that have come from acne: Massive lack of self-confidence when young, self-consciousness, and overwhelming desire to live life under a paper bag. Good things that have come from acne: Learning to find appreciation in things other than just appearance, build-up of self-confidence as I learn to not give two shits what other people think of my face, and the desire to say 'fuck you' to the world so as to live life happily no matter what I look like. What I have: Scars on my face, zits on my cheeks, cystic ickiness on my jawline and neck, and cystic bacne. Acne for me comes in cycles. It goes from 'feels smooth-ish and looks fine with make-up/under hair' to various stages of 'oh Lord I have the plague' and 'fucking Hell why that ONE GIANT ZIT in a place where it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE TO HIDE?' Things that make it worse: Cheese, onions, sugar, chocolate, stress, no sleep, not drinking enough, not eating right, school, finals, people dying, the way my fingers pick at my face. Things that worked for a little while: Pro-Activ, BP soap, random other shit. Things that worked for a long term but I have not been able to keep up: Chinese acupuncture, herbal pills, and skin cream. So. I'm going to try the Regimen on this site for a while and see how it goes.




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