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End Of Week 1 On Regimen (Progress Report) With Pics

Hey guys Its Sagar and it has been day 7 with the regimen. I have been following precisely and i have got good results and a good feeling about this website so i am going to be ordering dan's products (cleaner and medication) i use cetaphil moisturizer which i am in love with but can be thick sometimes. So my feeling towards Bp Minimized itchness i dont have the urge anymore unlike the first few days Red still there but less visible i am brown so it looks alittle weird looks liek a got a bad tan cause skin is darker and a little red Feeling confident and dont feel tired of this regimen Want to keep continuing becuase i can just imagine my happiness after clear skin Update on acne Well am starting to get 2 small bumps on my left cheek they aren't huge or that visible but weren't day two days before One pustule on my left jaw 2 papules on my right cheek 2 or 3 small papules on my right temple no pimples on forehead one flat pustle which has changed colour due to oxidization from bp between my eyebrows Pic details and my scars So here are my pics chck they out you can see the marks on my skin that is hyperpigmentation most likely any comments on the marks cuase i am not sure if it is hyperpigmentation. Btw hyperpigmentation are dark spots that tkae months or years to fade. Stay away from sunlight to help fading process or put on spf even in winter (whcih i admit i dont beucase i havn't had the time to buy the right suncreen and beucase i dont go out my much about 20 minutes max beucase i have school. Imporvment: Umm i would say i see very little improvement but it has already made me feel better about my skin becuase the big fat pustules that i used to face filled with puss are not there so the pimples tend to blend in a little with my skin. Which i think is better than having white shit all over your face Please feel free to comment and check out my other post on my blog thanks guys!!! Also please let me know you thoughts on what type of marks i have wether it is scarring or hyperpigmentation. Thanks! Additional Details on pictures!!!! PS the first set of picture is there to show the difference in skin tone i have been facing and the first picutre is about 4 months old and the day my skin had barely any pimples. For some reason my skin tends to clear up sometimes and then breakout again before i was using this medication. It had broke out during the christmas holiday and therefore i started this regimen. Good luck to all!





Week 1 On Regimen (Progress Report)

It has been 5 days and I have only 5 pimples very small. My left cheek is clear. My right clear has 3 small pimples for some reason grows in the same place I think I tired to pop them before and I didn’t do such a good job could that be the reason? Any comments? One small pimple in between my eyebrows and like 2 on my right temple (very small about to fade). Everywhere else clear. 5 days ago one big pimple on forehead, 3 on chin, 2 on left cheek, 3 on right cheek (disappeared and reappeared from the old ones which is mentioned above), 1 on jaw line before the regimen I had a severe breakout with big puss filled pustules and some paptules and whiteheads. For some reason I rarely get black heads. Regimen has been working great got 2.5% bp and have been using for past two days using spectro acne care couldn’t find any else 2.5% bp in shopper drugmart live in Canada. Use clear and clear cleanser for sensitive skin and cetaphil moisturizer if ou are wondering. I think I applied to much first two days while using 5% bps tinged a lot now it doesn’t sting a lot. Skin tone seems darker and a little red btw I am indian. After day 7 might put some pics up will try to find picks on me before regimen but I think I deleted most. So people can see the progress. Please feel free to comment below!




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