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End Of Week 1 On Regimen (Progress Report) With Pics

Hey guys Its Sagar and it has been day 7 with the regimen. I have been following precisely and i have got good results and a good feeling about this website so i am going to be ordering dan's products (cleaner and medication) i use cetaphil moisturizer which i am in love with but can be thick sometimes. So my feeling towards Bp Minimized itchness i dont have the urge anymore unlike the first few days Red still there but less visible i am brown so it looks alittle weird looks liek a





Week 1 On Regimen (Progress Report)

It has been 5 days and I have only 5 pimples very small. My left cheek is clear. My right clear has 3 small pimples for some reason grows in the same place I think I tired to pop them before and I didn’t do such a good job could that be the reason? Any comments? One small pimple in between my eyebrows and like 2 on my right temple (very small about to fade). Everywhere else clear. 5 days ago one big pimple on forehead, 3 on chin, 2 on left cheek, 3 on right cheek (disappeared and reappeared from




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