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Week 1 Review!

Well, I have been having problems with acne scars and scars in general for about 5 years. They're not major, in fact they get covered up fairly well with makeup and such. But the makeup then causes the acne, which causes the scarring (even if I don't pick at it) and the whole cycle starts up again. Many people say I have a beautiful complexion; But the scars, though minor, make me think differently. So, using my clunky old laptop and google, I came across a product called Mederma. This was about 2 days before this month started. I made a resolution for myself. For years, I stood by the old, traditional ways of curing the acne and scars that taunt my face and my back. My resolution was to finally tackle the problem full hand. To do whatever I needed to do (or buy rofl) to reduce these scars. So I brought Mederma! It's the gel version of the product. The smell is very refreshing. Not too strong, not too weak. And the gel feels very good on the first application of the product. If you apply it a second time without reeeeaallly rubbing it in there, it will burn and itch like you don't know! Here's a few ways that I countered that: 1 - Use only a pea size Trust me, even if it is a tiny drop - it will spread on a large area of your skin, such as long as you gently massage it in as instructed on the tube. I'd give it 30 seconds to even a minute. Either way, it feels very good afterwards! 2 - 30 seconds! Message it in that time to a minute. 3 - Wash it off after 1st or even 2nd time. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you may want to wash a bit off using cold (not warm) water. Pour a bit on a small towel and gently rub it on the spots where you applied Mederma. Dry it with a second towel. Apply Mederma as you normally would. 4 - Avoid using acne treatment/facial creams It will only make the itching more pronouced! Anyway, I'm starting to see results! The scars on my left shoulder are starting to get tiny! And my face is clearer. There's slight redness in some spots but that's me clawing my skin out from the itching until I tried the above tips myself (lmao) I truly recommend Mederma if you have scars that you want to treat. I would go for the cream version, but if you use a couple of the tips I posted on here, then the gel one will work fine as well. -Casty




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