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More Debilitating Than People Think....

Dear acne sufferes (me included) It's one of those days where I want to crawl under a rock and stay there until my acne subsides. I'm a guy, turning 23 this year, and I still suffer from acne... Cystic acne at that. im going back to school and the thought of that stresses me out which doesn't help because stress is a supposed factor in acne. I mean really, stress can come from the acne itself. Say I get a flare up, I get stressed from that one flare up, the stress from the flare up is causi





They Say No, I Say Yes... Duh

Dear Acne sufferers (like myself) I had this conversation with three different dermatologist and they all said the same thing. "Your diet dont affect your acne...". And I couldnt disagree more. I am a true believer that certain foods can trigger acne especially those with cystic/nodular acne. I'm 22 and I eat a lot of fast food, not necessarily Mcdonalds ( i hate that stuff) but more on the line of applebees and ihop. Anywho I did a week experiement where I cooked all my meals and ate fruit




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New To Acne.org.... But Not Really. Acne Sucks, Dont It.

Hello everybody! Like everyone that is on the acne.org website, were all acne sufferers in some shape or form. I just would like to give a brief overview of my acne journey. I'm an African American male and I'm 22 years old. MY acne started I would say at 15 and it sucked. It was bad... really bad no exaggerations. I had cystic nodules, black heads, white heads, and hyper pigmentation. Young, insecure, and embarrassed of my condition of course i was set on relieving my physical and emotional




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