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My Experience

Today I have had my third session of Pixel Fractional Laser Resurfacing Treatment at Cosmetic Medical Clinic located on Pitt Street, Sydney AUS. I have attached a photo of what my skin looked like after 30mins after. At the time of the photo my skin felt very hot and stung quite a bit, however manageable. It was also quite swollen. It is now four hours later and the redness has gone down substantially. It now has a brown tingle to it and the stinging and heat has stopped completely. It is still quite swollen however. Todays session was very intense compared to my two previous sessions, as my skin has been showing great progress so far. Only after three sessions I see and feel a great improvement to my skin. I suffered from unpleasant acne as a teenager and was left with very uneven skin tone and pox marks. Extremely happy to finally see my skin improving after so many years of hiding my skin under make-up! Check out- http://cmcnsw.com.au/