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Making life changes isn't easy, but writing about it is.

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My Resolutions

Here are the rest of my resolutions. Posting them publicly will be my unofficial contract with the people of the internet to actually go through with all of these. GET BETTER SKIN: use benzoyl peroxide
use moisturizer
wash your face twice a day
stop touching your face!
lower caffeine intake (see third resolution)
use acne.org

work HARD in Movement class
practice Movement exercises outside of class
schedule time on Fridays, Sundays, and Wednesdays to go to the gym
if you can’t go on these days, schedule time another day!
limit yourself to ONE treat per week
don’t necessarily eat everything on the plate -- eat until you’re no longer hungry and then STOP
eat low glycemic foods (ex. veggies, whole wheat breads and pastas, sweet potatoes, beans, milk, etc.)
drink WATER or MILK -- no pop or juice!


- limit caffeine intake
little to no coffee or tea
limit chocolate intake (max. chocolate intake should be once per week anyways if you’re following the weight loss resolution)
use stone every night
try to meditate before bed: http://www.how-to-meditate.org/breathing-meditations.htm/
BE A BETTER STUDENT AND ARTIST: [*]do my homework everyday [*]if you don’t have homework, MAKE SOME -- practice, read, exercise... do something! [*]do all my prep work -- OPEN YOUR FUCKING TEXTBOOKS [*]don’t do social things unless you have the time! -- prep work, homework, and practice come first [*]work ahead -- don’t procrastinate! [*]START WRITING AGAIN [*]stay organized -- keep your room and desk clean, clean out out your bag, organize files on your laptop, type everything up, and back up your work! [*]edit your work, get someone else to look over it, then edit it AGAIN, then walk away from it for a few hours, then edit it ONE MORE TIME, and then you can hand it in GET A JOB: [*]APPLY NOW [*]keep resume updated [*]get Smart Serve certified

New Beginnings.

I tend to use fruity language and ramble, so I'm just going to state this point-blank. My skin sucks. It's time to change that. I may intermittently add posts about my other ongoing changes I'm trying to make, such as changing my sleeping habits (I don't get enough sleep and I have terrible nightmares), losing weight (I'm about 5'6" and 160 at the moment), and giving myself a better self-image (even my professors tell me I need to be more confident). However, I will try to make this blog mostly about my skin, as this is acne.org. So, back to my skin. My plan for the new year: - Use benzoyl peroxide. - Use a moisturizer. - Wash my face twice a day, no matter what! - STOP. TOUCHING. MY. FACE. - Lower my caffeine intake. This might help with my sleeping problems too. Three cheers for killing two birds with one stone! - Use acne.org and The Regimen to help me along the way. I've made a colour-coded plan of action for my New Year's Resolutions so that this year I'll hopefully stick to them. I have a favour to ask of you (and by "you" I mean whoever is reading this... probably nobody, but you never know). Keep me honest! Ask me how I'm doing on my goals! If I have someone keeping track of my progress, I won't want to let them down. Let me know what your New Year's Resolutions are and I can help you too! We're in this together.
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