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Grad student. Acne fighter. Tea Drinker. Pretty okay gal.

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Day 1 - Happy New Year!

New Years Resolution #1 Start a blog to track my progress towards acne-free skin
So here's the deal, I'm a 24 year old female in graduate school and I have acne. Not a bad sort of acne really, about 2 cysts, bumps all over my forehead and chin, blackheads near my nose, but a lot of scarring. I had great skin in high school and then something happened in college and I just erupted. So when I look back at that point in my early college years with cheeks that hurt to touch and cracking skin, I'm making fantastic progress. I tend not to look back or recognize my progress despite my mom or fiance doing this "look" that you all may know well - *stare pensively at me for 5 seconds with a frown on their face - often done in some flattering light or outside light* - and say "your skin is getting better, you know" and I look at them and say "I have good days and bad days." So some of the purpose of this blog is to recognize my progress with my skin and celebrate improvement. Even if it is very small. I hope you all learn to recognize your victories and successes along with me! The second purpose of this blog is to track what I'm doing with my regimen (and how I adjust it) in hopes that I am more consistent with it and that perhaps my trials, errors, and solutions to side effects help someone else. Lorellin's regimen AM Cleanser: Cetaphil Cleanser Moisturizer: Aveeno Positively Radiant Trying to find a BP or treatment lotion...any recommendations? PM Cleanser: Cetaphil Cleanser (will soon be applying with a standard facial brush) Rx: Retin-A Micro .04% (will be bumping up to .1% - AHH!) Diet Lots of water, green, herbal, and red tea 2 Fish oil pills (more info soon) 1 zinc pill (more info soon) I will update once or twice a week! Let me know if you have questions! You make a difference in this world, Lorellin




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