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Turmeric Mask. Day 1-3

Hi everyone! This is my first post in acne.org and I decided to do it about turmeric for acne. I was reading this blog: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/221077-turmeric-magic-healing/page__st__120 I realized I wanted to share my own personal experience with turmeric, I'm just starting but I want to share the recipe I'm using and the results. First, I see a lot of people are using straight on turmerica powder with just water as a mask, of course is gonna turn your face yellow! That stuff is strong, it's what makes curry yellow and stains clothes forever haha. I am using a combination of ALL NATURAL ingredients, including turmeric, as a mask. Turmeric Mask Ingredients: - Chick Pea Flour (~2 tablespoons) - Turmeric (~1 teaspoon) - Almond oil (~ 1 tbsp) - Milk (enough to form a paste) Mix flour and turmeric, add oil, mix again and then add milk little by little till you have a spreadable consistency. This might take some trial and error. Apply to your face, let it dry (~20min), then rinse off with warm water. You might want to do this in the shower. I splash water to my face, slowly wet the mask and rub in circles until it has all come off. I've only used the mask twice, with one day break in between, but I can already feel the difference. The first time I used it, I washed it off in the shower and I could feel my skin was SUPER soft! After a min or two, I felt I sould scrub off some sking with just rubbing my fingers on my face so this mask probably has some exfoliating effects, which I like! Cause I don't like the feeling or look of my skin fallin off, I used dark angels scrub by LUSH. I wiped my face with some rose water toner in a cotton pad (no yellow on the pad at all), then continued with my normal moisturizing routine. I did the same today and my skin feels great! I can already feel the big pimples drying up and my skin is glowing! So, to sum up, this is what I do: - Turmeric mask, rinsed off. - Scrub with Dark Angels by LUSH (you could use a washcloth if you find this to be too harsh) - Wipe face with Rose Petal/Witch Hazel Alcohol-Free toner by Thayers (I love this stuff!) - Moisturize (right now I'm rotating rosehip oil and rosehip oil/vitamin E cream convo) - Spot treat with tea tree oil (only on the real bad/open pimples) Let me know if you try this and how it works for you! I'll be following up on my results as often as I can!




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