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This blog is pretty much just a chronicle of progress I'm making with my new acne routine...

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After The First 24 Hours

Yesterday, I finally went to the Dermatologist. This in itself was an accomplishment, as I called many offices and NOBODY could get me in until February.... I was starting to lose hope! See, I do some modeling and have photo shoots coming up. My skin has gotten progressively worse over the last year, and I have tried EVERYTHING. Thankfully, I finally found a doctor who agreed to work me in The woman is a saint. Fifteen minutes later, I left with two prescriptions and a topical solution sample: Ortho TriCyclin Lo, Spironolactone (50mg), and Clarifoam. Apparently my type of acne is amazingly common and caused by hormones. Ugh. Stupid hormones. The BC is supposed to regulate my hormones, the Spiro is supposed to block the ones causing my nightmare acne, and the Clarifoam is to get rid of the pre-existing condition. 24 hours into the treatment, and I don't see any NEW acne. The Clarifoam seems to be drying up what I have....