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I will be posting the improvement of skin through Fractional CO2 treatment

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Before The Lemon Juice.

http://tinypic.com/r/25hip9t/5 http://tinypic.com/r/24pf0jl/5 http://tinypic.com/r/inh4ra/5 ehh. :l soo here is what my awful face looks like. Hairy to boot. I'm going to go douce my face in lemon juice now. Guess I'll update in a week. It's snowing outside my window. Really pretty.


Stumbled upon this page today, thought I would join. I'm not one for forums, so I could'nt really tell you if I am going to really stick to this place, but I am going to be getting some Fractional CO2 Skin treatments in a few months. So I had this thought I could log how it goes for me. Maybe to help others who may be interested in this procedure? I started getting acne I believe age 13. I am now 23. and the scarring seems to have gotten worse just recently again after getting a really messy job from April, to December 2011 (I just left). I have been trying to get a job for two years, just to save up money for some skin treatments, and the job that finally gives me a break causes me to break out more. aha. ironic. anywho. I am remaining generally hopeful that my skin can return at least back to how I have gotten it be (generally clear) before I got my job. and hopefully, even better, although it seems that since the job the acne border on my face has spread a little further across my jaw. Right now, I am considering two different places to have my procedure done: One is at a cosmetic centre which they have told me costs $500 for the face area. The other is a dermatoligist I have yet to see. I am inquiring into the costs for him to do the same procedure. I think I will be ready to have my first procedure late Janurary or February. I need to focus on clearing my skin of active blemishes before then. I also plan on getting a bit of laser hair removal in the meantime, but not too much as I need to save my money for this . That's all I can think of for now. Feel free to comment me anywhere, if you wish to know more about anything. *Edit* Just as a note to what I am currently using on my face for curiosity purpose: I usually wash my face with goat milk soap in the morning, then put on tea tree oil. In the evening, I just started trying baking soda as a scrub (before I was using St Ives apricot scrub), and then 5% benzoyle peroxide cream. I'm going to give this lemon juice thing a go tomorrow for fading the scars.