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Accutane low dose journey

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Accutane Low Dose Journey

I am 20 years old male. I had moderate acne from 16 years old for 3 years, my acne was i would say pretty much managable. I could just wear sunscreen and go outside and hang out with friends without worrying of my face. But few months ago during summer break i have used 2% salicylic acid acne wash and developed huge cysts all over my face.. i couldnt go out due to my horrible face covered with cysts everywhere except my forehead ( i never had single acne on my forehead somehow ) and i stayed home for a month. I ignored all phone calls from my friends and just stayed home for a month wating this horrible cysts to calm down.. I never had these terrible cysts in my life so it was really hard to cope with. It did calm down.. but ever since my face was way more prone to acne and size of acne were much bigger than before. I tried tetracycline minocycline everything but nothing seemed working. My school life was very hopeless this term. I just skipped lectures and dropped all labs cuz i just didnt wanna go outside. I am now in Korea and they have copy version of Accutane with very affordable price. So i went to nearest derm and asked him if he can perscribe me Aqunatane ( copy version of Accutane ) so he perscribed me one week of it and he told me he would perscribe me 3-4 months of it after week if i dont have serious side effects. Each capsule contains 10mg of isotretinoin. He told me to take 20mg each day after meal. I always knew about Accutane but i just couldnt afford 600 bucks a month of it since country where i live in dosent cover Accutnae at all. I did lots and lots of research of Accutane and i found out that i have to take my weight x 120 mg in total. Thus 75kg x 120mg=9000mg total. Hopefully 3-4 months of Aqunatane isnt enough for full dosage, when i go back to my country after 2 weeks from now on i would ask my derm for 3-4 months of Accutane, since i worked for few months and have some money now. One thing i found in Korea was that its really... i mean REALLY easy to get isotretinoin drugs... u just ask ur derm you want that and he/she would literally just give it to you. My friend who lives in korea had only 2-3 acne for his life but he had very excessive oil, and he got Accutane for 3-4 months. My derm didnt even mention about alcohol during this medication.. Anyway sry for writing long story of mine. So thats how my Accutane journey begun DAY 1 took 10mg in the morning and took 10mg after dinner Side Effect None