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Accutane 3 Months Experience

hey Guys wasup,,is Byron here,,21 years old, and getting ready to live life again, from the age of 13 i got my first breakout at first it was normal, but when the big ones came it was embarrassing huge whiteheads, blackhead, etc, etc..so i spend most of my money trying to find a miracle cream nothing work, everything was bull crap not saying that some stuff work,,,,soo i decide i'm going on accutane,,in September 2011 i started the drug and it been 3 months and 16 days on it,,but lately i got pain in my whole body so i decide to quit, the good part is that my face is 100% clear not a pimple in almost a month, so i'm hoping it stays this way after stopping the drug, here are some pictures of before and after,,,any question just ask,,

Byron Samuels

Byron Samuels


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