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Kicking my skin problem to the curb with Accutane

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Day 2

Well, today will be day 2. I haven't taken the second pill yet (will take it at lunch). What a roller coaster to get this drug! As if the book of side effects and risks isn't enough to terrify you, there are a million hoops to jump through in order to get your hands on the prescription. I went in on Saturday morning to get my labs done, but hadn't been told I needed to fast and had eaten breakfast that morning, so I couldn't get the blood work done. Thankfully they were open on Sunday morning, so I had it done then. Tuesday was my derm appt. where the called in the scrip for me, but I had so much else going on that day that I didn't get a chance to pick it up. I was going to get it Wednesday evening but my pharmacy told me they'd be out of Amnesteem (the brand of Accutane I was prescribed) for a few more days. I had them call it in at another location a half hour away and began to drive there. Halfway there, the pharmacy called and said their system was showing I hadn't completed my portion on the iPledge system. Seriously? Ugh. Thursday I finally had everything complete and was able to pick up my Amnesteem. I took the first pill yesterday. I didn't really expect to feel anything today, and so far I don't. So, that's cool. I will probably update this every week or so with progress, so as not to obsess too much over every little thing





January 10, Would You Just Come Already?

Well, after four years of dealing with this garbage, I am finally biting the bullet and going on Accutane. I had perfect, and I mean perfect skin all through high school. Not a pore or zit could be found. When I was 20, I had a mild and short lived bout with some zits on my forehead for some reason, but a round of mild antibiotics knocked that out. Then, at 22, I became pregnant with my first son and....Blammo! Cysts, redness, pimples...the works. The severity waned and waxed for the next couple of years, undoubtedly with fluctuating hormones due to pregnancy, nursing, another pregnancy, more nursing, birth control, no birth control, etc... My family is now complete(I have two amazing sons who mean the world to me!) and my face is a wreck. So, Accutane it is! At least I now have a wonderful derm. who was smart enough to be able to diagnose me with a fantastically rare little problem called Pyoderma Faciale. Apparently, this disorder is neither acne nor rosacea, although it looks like both and attacks your face like a rabid mama bear. I'm hopeful, excited, and nervous. But, mostly anxious to get this show on the road. I've been registered in the iPledge system, have my birth control regimen in place and am now simply awaiting my January 10 appointment at which I will receive my prescription for Accutane. I'm not going to read all the negative junk about the drug. I know it has potential side effects, but I'm going to focus on the positive and give it the best shot I can. I have tried so many natural remedies and spent a ton of money on holistic healing that got me nowhere. I still wholeheartedly believe in natural healing for most things, but this problem has reached a level beyond Vitamin D and Zinc supplements. I'm a vegan and am relatively active, so I am hoping that by taking awesome care of my body I can avoid any nasty side effects. Here's my face now, pre-Accutane. You can see lots and lots of redness, and all those bumps? Yeah, that's my friend Pyoderma.




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