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how can i get rid of red marks left behind

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How Do You Get Rid Of Red Marks/ Hyperpigmentation

Ok so im new so bear with me haha. ok so i have recently been using hydrogen peroxide topically then wait till it dries and then apply lemon juice afterwards and i must say IT HAS WORKED WONDERS!!!!! i have very mild acne now i have no bumps on my face anymore just red marks/ hyperpigmentation im not what to do about it i just joined and been looking into it but no such luck except "just wait" and im not cool with that and i dont wanna head back to the derm for them too feed more crappy pills or take more crappy creams but if anybody has a solution to my problem i will be indebted to you forever!!!!!! but plz respond soon im sure they arent goin anywhere but still much appreciated




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