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I Need Some Help, Do Not Know Where To Turn No More :(...

Hello there, i am sure we are all here for a reason and that is to destroy this freakn Acne. I have acne for about 10 years now, and cant seem to change things. I have been on minocyclin, disocyclin, a lot of antibiotics, did not work. My mother is a nurse, so in europe they use to change your blood, like take some from your vein and inject it into your butt, about 10 times every other day you increase the sosage a bit. It suppose to change your blood and face should clear, that also did not help. I tried all the murad, proactive, nutregina crap, still nothing. Tried to eat differently, still nothing. At the moment my skin is not too bad but not average either. Sometimes huge bumps will pop on my forehead out of nowhere and you cant squiz them, its impossible. At the moment i am using 10% BP, yeah 10% by Clear and Clear i think, at the beggining it use to burn like crazybut now it doesnt, i wounder if the bacteria got use to it. I keep my face clean, wash it well, take hot baths to open the porse and clean them. Eat well, i am European, do not eat fatty foods, drink lots of water and juice, exercise i am a kickboxer, run very much. I wanted to try maybe accutane but i am jsut afraid because i hear it kiils all the good bacteria in your stomach and for males it might be fatal for not having children. I mean i dont know what else to do, seriously, i wanted to go for some accupuncture, but they said there might not be garantees, so then whats the point. I am 22, will be23 soon, and it really sucks, sometimes really even want to cry ( even though i am a guy), its liek a freakn curse. HELP , please !!!




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