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Day 2 Post Microderm Plus Micropeel

Okay so today is day one of recovery from micropeel and microdermabrasion, and if you were hoping for some amazing results as was I, they have yet to come. BUT, to be fair, nothing works over night, so I am not thowing in the towel just yet. What it looks like today: red raised marks( what it typically looks like if you pop a pimple) and alot of dark brownish red flat scab type of marks where the most severe acne is/was. my pores do look much smaller, but that exciting mega peel that she




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Glamorized : My Experience With Microdermabrasion And Micropeel

Soooo today I went for a microdermabrasion(mda from now on) and a micropeel. This place was gorgous with waterfalls indoors , giant spacious rooms, chic chairs and leather couches, and one of those single cup coffee machines. So I made myself a single cup of tasty chai and sat down in my chic thousand dollar chair reading their booklet entitled" what we can do for you"..... . i was getting sucked in I just knew it.. The cost: 75$ express microdermabrasion, 0$ micropeel( usually 90$ but she




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