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Super Oily Skin. Can't Take It Anymore! And Just Turned Down Accutane!

I had mild acne as a teen. Never thought too much of it. In college, I went through a stressful breakup with a boyfriend. We had been dating for four years and I took the split pretty rough. After we broke up, my face erupted in pimples. It was also very, very greasy. I thought that this flare up was situational and would go away with time. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Three years have passed since. I am still very oily and suffer from mild to moderate acne. It only takes an hour or so after washing my face for my skin to become super greasy. People always ask me if I'm sweating or if I just went for a run. It's very embarrassing. I tried a variety of different treatments... clindamycin phosphate, tretinion, literally every different product thats available in the stores, birth control, etc. I finally settled on a clindamycin phosphate/benzoyl peroxide/birth control combo that somewhat reduced the acne but still left my skin very greasy. I finally made an appointment with a derm whose first suggestion was to put me on Accutane. I readily agreed. I went through the bloodwork and have been waiting a month for my next appointment. However, after researching Accutane online I've decided to cancel my next appointment, where I would have been ok'ed for the drug and given my prescription. I literally *just* canceled and I'm hoping it was the right choice.... There are SO many potential side effects with Accutane. Most of the people who go on it seem to have much worse acne than I do. Also, I'm not entirely sure I'm an ideal Accutane candidate.... I know that there's questions as to whether or not it is associated with GI issues and depression. My cousin has ulcerative colitis and my mom and grandmother have diverticulosis. GI issues are clearly present in my family; I'm worried about destroying my healthy GI tract! I also suffer from anxiety. I know people who are depressed/anxious are either not supposed to go on Accutane or are supposed to be monitored closely. I know Accutane has helped many people with their acne, but I just feel like it may not be the drug for me. There are also a lot of other factors I think might be in play... I get stressed out pretty easily. Right now I'm balancing a full time job and graduate school. I don't sleep very well. Due to the little free time I have, I eat absolutely horribly. Fast food, processed stuff, microwavable dinners, you name it. Funny thing is, I am attending graduate school for public health. You think I'd pick something up from class about trying to eat healthy and take care of myself, right? Wrong. I also have eczema, but not on my face... on my legs and groin area. Too oily in some places, to dry in others. I can never win! Anyways, I canceled my Accutane appointments because I figure I'd try to give my body a chance to try and take care of itself. I am going to try to eat healthy, get sleep, and I'm going to ditch all of the products I'm currently using and start the regimen. I really hope I can stick with this. I know I'm full of excuses, but eating healthy when you're on the go is hard. Getting enough sleep after a stressful day at work and then school is even more tough. I hope I can do this...




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