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Life as an adult with Acne after being a teenager with Acne.

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In The Beginning...

I've been thinking about writing this blog for a while now. The thought of putting my thoughts into writing initially seemed like a good idea....a way to vent. However, in action my feelings have changed, I'm sat here thinking "will anyone actually read this?". I suppose I will, later down the line, lets just see how it goes. Anyway....I'm Dan, I will be 25 in a couple of weeks. I have had Acne since I was 14. Nearly 11 years with spots. I hadn't even worked that out until now! Back in high school I never imagined I would still have Acne at this age. That though really bothers me sometimes. I been through the whole run of the mill, high school, college, university and now full time work. I work for a small company which employs around 25 people. I hold a position with a little authority. I'm not the oldest or the youngest. I am the only one with spots. How can anyone ever take me seriously as a business professional when I still look like I'm going through puberty. Still, I live with it. Keep my chin up and plough on through. I actually recently got engaged. I'm going to get married. Woah! So here starts my plan. No spots on the wedding day! I've been on Roacutane when I was younger, ticked that box. I've been on several versions of medications as well. I've also lived by the regimen for a year. Still no solution. My doctor has just prescribed some Isotrexin (Isotretinoin). I have decided to use that in the place of PB. I will keep you all posted on my progress. In the mean time I'm going to to continue to use this wonderful tool to write down my trials and tribulations! Dan.




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