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Before I Start Accutane---Need Advice...

Well, i'm 23- ill be done with school in about two months. Im in school to be a nutrionist/personal trainer. and having good skin would be pretty ideal in this profession. but... thats not the case for me right now. I've struggled with acne since I can remember, some months better then others. I've tried so many things I can't even remember the names of them all. Antibiotics, topical solutions, cleansers, etc. I've been seeing my dermatologist for two years and we finally both agreed to start accutane. December 5th I go in and see him to get the prescription-- i've been taking the required birth control for almost a month. My doctor (MD) was really worried about me getting on accutane, she is hoping the birth control will clear up my skin but I doubt it. Right now... I have been 'sort of' doing this websites regimen... I am using 1. Neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser 2. Retin-A Micro: (tretinoin gel),microspher, 0.04% 3. Moisturizer with jojoba & aloe in it, and then sometimes CeraVe moisturizing lotion because it says "non-comedogenic" right on it. what do you think?? So far, I started getting serious blackheads-which I literally hardly ever had them before, just some around my nose area... but now they are taking over my forehead & chest region, even on my shoulders which i never got before. My skin is super red and flaky, so the mositurizer is great. I made the mistake of getting to close to my eyes and the skin around there is soooo sensitive. I've gotten a few 'pimples' little red ones that don't like to pop for the first day then they pop out some white stuff. However, i've read this is just the initial breakout because my skin is cleaning itself or whatever you want to call it. I've also read that people break out severly at first while on accutane--- and then others say they did not because they still kept doing their regular regimen... I guess my question would be should I keep doing the regimen and while taking accutane to help cease the intial breakout??? because, that would be wonderful to avoid. The best product that has worked for me was taking the antibiotic-but of course you cant stay on that forever... I'm praying the retin-a will work, i used to before and it was great, i think i stopped using it too soon. Any advice would be great, precautions etc.... I'll upload pictures soon of me now etc.




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