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Is It Me Or Proactiv?

I've been using Proactiv for about 3 months now and I've started to notice a pattern in my acne. Well, for starters I just want to say that Proactiv did help me acne a lot. It used to be HORRIBLE. The pattern is that one week my skin will be clear, but then the next week I will have 5-3 pimples (When I say pimples I dont mean little blackheads, I mean like whiteheads that then swell up and get red and puffy), and then the next week my skin will clear up again, and the pattern will go on. Im wondering If its the Proactiv, or is it just that I dont try as hard to make sure my acne goes away when I have none. Because when I have ance I FREAK OUT and do anything to get rid of it (Drink gallons of water, watch what I eat, dont put on makeup). What should I do?

Lake Wilson

Lake Wilson