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An Awesome Night :)

So we went to my friends birthday party last night which started with dins at her spot followed by an outing to Roxy Revue Bar at Grandwest Casino to watch That 80s show... was super fun, the music and talent rocked with the likes of tunes by Cindy lauper, Stevie Wonder, Queen etc... needless to say we were jamming first in our seats then on our feet and woke up with a hoarse voice from all the singing lol! Whats up with that hey, when people go to concerts and some how feel the need to compete with the singers in volume only to later discover they have no voice lol So planned a nice chilled day today after a late night, woke up at 10....yeeeaaaah first time in a while started repacking clothes in cupboards etc then just had a lousy fight with my hubby yet again and a small screaming match lead to me blogging oi oi...marriage is hard man! and men are just plain stubborn..ummm no wait a minute so am I! always been a hard headed woman i must say... but am trying to become softer. Guess after being hurt one too many defenses are built up.. and when communication is not happening as it should then relationships are just plain hard! anyways onto happier things... its a glorious day today and apparently going to stay at around 29 degrees this week which is pretty groovy... pity ill be stuck in the office. but going to try enjoy some sunshine... skins still the same lol ( better add a skin comment) so pretty happy all around anyways peops have a great day !




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