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About this blog

This is a blog marking the progress of my acne and skin during tthe use of the Regimen.

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Week 2 Day 2

Hey, So im still using the regimen am and pm and have updosed the treatmen. It works fine, my face has gone smoother, but it still is pretty red and has small pimples everywhere. But i feel like this is the only thing working so im still sticking to the regimen and hopefully in a couple of weeks my face will be completely clear.

Day 10

i know it hasnt been exactly 2 weeks yet, but im already seeing such oistive results! My cheecks are completely clear, and those dry and rough spots went away now. i just have forehead acne mostly, so hopeffully that would go away by my birthday too, wish me liuck!

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Week 1

I havent really been thinking about posting a blog but after these quick results, I wanted to mark down my progress! It has been 6 days that i have been using the regimen day and night, and my skin is smooth! My forehead and cheeks look pretty clear, I just have about 6 big pimples on my face, and the rest are minor. I'm not fully clear yet, but Im on my way to it! The only negative side effect i have experienced so far were these dry and rough patches of skin, mostly on my cheeks. I started not applying benyzol peroxide there and hopefully they'll go away. I am also going to Trader Joes next week to buy some jojoba oil, wish me luck!

Night 1

Well I don't really count this as Day 1, because it's only the night, and I will count tommorow as Day 1. But I think I am too excited, and hopeful, for this regimen. I am so sick and tired of people teling me to go to the DErmatologist or use something, when they don't understand. I can't even count the nights i spent researching acne, and people's natural cures. I am praying that this works. I bought the $99 plus pack, which was the biggest and baddest package they had, so I kind of have to use up the product and do the routine every day. So My hope and goal is that by Day 90, I will be reminiscing this post and being thankful that my skin is smooth and glowy! But anyway, I got the ackage today, and i just did the regimen for my chest and face 10 min.'s ago.