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Week 14

Here we are again, Week 14 already Just a little update, nothing too major to report other that a few new little papules...........think thats what they are. Little hard red lumps that dont bother me but are a little painful. Oh, and my knees and hips are really starting to ache and hurt alot when i come down the stairs. It could be arthritis, My feet get really sore,too but well, beats having a face full of spots, and thats the choice I have at the moment. Having bloods taken next week at the doctors so that the derm can see the results the week after at the hospital to check cholestrol and stuff. Hope to god they're ok and I can still take this stuff, I'd be gutted if they come back high and I have to stop the pills Lips still super dry but I can live with that. Well, 'till next week then......................