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Long Time Acne finally Subsides

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Acne Free After 8 Years Through Diet

Here's my story. I want to start out by saying I'm not too familiar with this "blogging" thing so if this works, awesome! Anyways, I've been a acne sufferer for 8 plus years. When I was 17 I started to get resilient acne around my mouth and jaw line, nothing ever on my forehead or upper cheeks. Just like everyone I tried everything I could slather on my face. Nothing worked. I got pregnant with my first son at 21 (gave birth to a healthy baby boy ) During my pregnancy my acne was HORRIBLE. A friend described my face as looking "painful"- not something you want to say to a 8 month pregnant woman! After my pregnancy I went on a very strict diet to lose the baby weight. This was high veggie and protein low carb and no sugar or dairy. I didn't realize it at the time the connection between my diet and acne. My skin was beautiful for the time i was on my diet! I lost the weight, and lost focus of my diet and my skin suffered. Here I am, pregnant with my second baby. I'm on a healthy diet similar to the one i went on. No Dairy, No Sugar, High Protein and Veggie.... I feared for my skin the second i found out i was pregnant. But i'm in awe at how my skin is this time around. Trying to put my finger on it I can confidently say I feel that i've helped my skin with most importantly No sugar and No Dairy.