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Day 32- Spiro

Wow, I have been feeling poorly. I have been battling a cold, but on weds I had osme crazy stomach virus or something. I'll spare the details, but it was unpleasant. Fast track to today- I still feel crummy. Now hubby has the cold. Luckily, our little one has been spared from the wrath of the devil, however, his attitude as of late has me reconsidering the possibility. Big news? Bigger than anything that has to do with my face? I start working on thursday. Awesomeness. Though the not-so-aweso

Day 23-Spiro

Things are good. My skin is pretty pleasant. Still not exactly clear, but I definitely can't complain. Im getting over that nasty cold, as well. Not to get too into detail, but every time I hack some alien fece looking hunk, I feel ten times better. Im not taking any doxy, and haven't taken the prednisone in abour a week I think. The only things im taking are the spiro, and doing to duac- mostly just at night, but sometimes in the morning. It has stopped making my face look totally wrecked....




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The Next Day- Spiro

I feel crummy today. It seems as though there has been some virus that jumped on my bandwagon. My sinuses feel like i've been snorting salt and nails. Ive got the turkey in the sink though. Herb roasted turkey, garlic and rosemary mashed potatoes..... so far thats the only thing on the list for tomorrow. I havent gotten very far. Skin? Woot woot! Thank you steroids, 'cause you make my skin look wonderful! Nothing really going on there. Ill return with more interesting and amusing entri

Day 18- Spiro

Oi, I say. I rarely drink, cause when I do, I wake up feeling like a 73 year old arthritis sufferer. I can't imagine a 73 year old arthritis sufferer running around with a one year old. When I try, I just laugh.... so, it isn't usually a great idea to consume any beer, liquor, or even cooking wine. Red wine vinegar. Grape juice. Just keep it all away. That said, what's up with this whole not being able to take pain relievers while on spiro? Sounds like a bad joke to me. Something comparable to

Day 17- Spiro

So, i'm not going to lie- on Friday I started taking 4mg of predinisone twice a day, even though I know its probably not the best idea. Im sure my liver is screaming at me and writhing in pain from the synthetic drugs im pumping into it, but guess what? My face has calmed down a ton. You know its been bad when you wake up and think, "The man who has seen me push another human being from my vagina is going to see me without makeup for part of today!" Excuse the vulgaraity, but it's the one th




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Day 14-Spiro

Very minor improvement from yesterday. That duac really looked like it did a number on my skin. Very red. Ill keep on truckin' though, cause thats what the holy proffessional advised me to do. Back to being completely drained during the day because of having to take the spiro in the morning as well. Bummer that its right before Thanksgiving too. So much for that huge turkey dinner, cause im going to be on my butt. How hard is it to get a change in antibiotic? Ridiculously. For some reason they w

Day Whatever... 13?- Spiro

Just got back from my derm appt. The exact opposite of what i wanted to happen, happened. I was the basic run-of-the-mill acne patient. He suggested I go on doxycycline and use clindamycin. Oh...wait..... IM ALREADY USING THAT CRAP!. Sorry. Had to vent a moment. I mean, dont they read all that stuff you write down at the beginning? Or read teh stuff that the nurse typed into the computer? Come on now. He asked how long I had been on the doxy, and I told him about 6 weeks, and told




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Day 12- Spiro

So, its bad. I really don't think my face has looked quite so trrible. Im sure a lot of it is just marks fromt he old, but the new is also an issue. Quite a mess this morning. And also, it may just be distress from the state of my complexion, but I have had an incredibly short temper. Im considering it a possibility that it is a side effect of the spiro, messing with hormones? I get so angry I just want to throw things and cry. There could be many factors including issues with my one year old.

Day 11- Spiro

Skin looks much better than yesterday. No new breakouts. The two under my chin have subsided a great deal, along with the one on the left jawline. Nothing new, which is a huge bonus! After looking around on the site yesterday, I decided to do a baking soda mask. I was fearful..... but desperate. I pooured some into my measuring cup, poured in some water. I used significantly more water that what I should have, which made all the baking soda sink to the bottom, so I just scooped that up and sla

Day Ten- Spiro

Well, my face looks like crap. I quit taking the doxycyline... on saturday I think? Maybe ill start taking it again. Im supposed to be getting my referral to the derm today at the latest, so I may call my doc. I have started taking 50 mg chelated zinc before bed along with my spiro. Doxycyline makes it so difficult to take anything else... youre not supposed to take minerals and such and such within 2 hours of the doxy....or drink milk, or anything with calcium in it.... its such a hassle.

Day 7- Spiro

So things are looking well. That crazy mess I had come up the day after starting is clearing up. I hate the dry skin phase my skin goes through after a bad breakout. It always looks terrible when I put makeup on....flaky and......dry. I had a crazy guy pop up on my forhead, but he should be pretty much gone by the end of the day. I also think I might have a small cyst coming around on my neck under my chin, but i'll deal. I hardly ever breakout on my forhead, usually just jawline and under....

Day 5- Spiro

Skin looks pretty good I think. Certainly not amazing.... I think all of the cysts are going away, and had a few super tiny things pop up over the weekend, but nothing bad. Side affects so far? Well.... Im tired. I haven't REALLY cleaned the house like I usually do, and dinner has been really lame the past few nights. I can usually stay up and read my book for a while in bed after everyone dozes off, but as soon as my head hits that pillow now.... *BAM*. I don't ever even remember waking up to

Day Two- Spiro

I took my second dose this morning. Heh heh- no, nothing mgical happened overnight. I did wake up twice and thought I had the sahara in my mouth.... has to do something with the spiro. I was also up at 5 am, bright eyed and bushy-tailed as well, which isn't terrible, but kind of useless. Still have small cyst under chin, with the addition of one lower on my neck, 2 small zits popping up on the right side near my hairline, something festering on my left side at my jawline, and something else

Spironolactone. Day One.

This morning I took my first 50 mg dose of spiro, and my usual 100 mg doxy, and some clindamyacin.. Currently, I have a small cyst under my chin. Actually...thats it... but there is always more to come. I took the spiro after eating, with no upset stomach so far. Next week ill pick up the retin-a, no matter how afraid I am to actually use it. I have heard only rough stories about hwne people first start using it, and im in no mood for more roughness when it comes to my skin. I have a lot of ma

Day One. New Hope. New Spiro.

So. Here I am. Im 26, and have bee suffering with acne for...... who really knows how long. I know I got a few of those boogers when I was under 18, but I don't think it really got bad until after then. I certainly remember being able to wake up after a night of partying (I started that too early...) and not having to worry about anything other than how bad my mascara was smudged, and how I was going to get rid of the hangover before I got home to see my parents. I don't think my acne has ever
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