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Heya guys. So I'm in my second month of accutane. Still in the 20mg. I only have 3 active pimples, and they currently reside just a bit beside my lips. They are tiny and not noticable at all. Everything are just scars. Redness on my cheeks. But overall, everything is smooth. I love it. I stopped putting any "crap" on my face. Which means no concealer or blush. I actually don't care anymore. I'm in high school and everything has been super busy. Everyone looks like crap in the morning anyway. Luc





Month One

Hey guys, well today is the last day of November, marking my accutane journey as "Month one." Negative side. My lips! My poor pink sensitive lips. It's absolutely horrifying! It's intensely dry. URGH. I occasionally have dry lips, but right now does not compare what I use to recall "dry!" I've tried Nivea, Vaseline, Vitamin E (oil), chapstick, mother-f-ing everything. I'm still having a search party on which lip treatment would be the jackpot. Sometimes my lips crack and bleed, and the wea





Week One

So, I survived my first week on Accutane! So far, nothing has really changed. No side effects, yet, and hopefully ever. I'm assuming it's because I am only taking 20mg of dosage this month. Actually, my lips have been quite chapped and dry lately, but I'm unsure if it's because of the cold weather here in Canada and my "lip-biting" habit--more like ripping/peeling the first layer of the skin subconsciously. Gross, I know. I definitely noticed that my forehead cleared up a bit. Just a few s





Day One

Today is my first day on Accutane (actually, more like yesterday since I am currently writing this blog post at 2 in the morning). Anyway, call me Tricia, I am 17 years old. My height is 5'5-6, weighing around...140lbs? I haven't checked recently, but does it really matter? My acne began as soon as I hit puberty, which was 5 years ago. At first, acne was not something I really thought about. I mean, I was young. I thought it was a temporarily "puberty" thing. However, as years passed, the acne r




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