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First Day Of My Water Fasting

Hello Everyone , My name is Sergio , I am 22 years old and I took a drug called accutane for a period of 4 months last year from August to the the middle of december 2010 . This drug really damaged my body ,My body and mind has become extremely tired during and after accutane treatment , I have experiencing brain fog , memory loss , lack of concentration , energy and some anxiety ( mostly because of the other side effects ) tiredness as well . I am a very positive person , and I have been trying to heal my body from accutane damage since I stopped the course with no improvements , I talked to people who are in the same condition as me and who have been experiencing the long term side effects from tane for many years , people like me who has been fighting to improve their condition . I have been to many doctors , trying to find an answer for my problems, . None of them had the answer , they said " its all in my head " . I have been doing my best to improve my health, supplements , vitamins , detox programs , exercising , none of them seemed to work. I promised to myself that I would never give up and that I would do whatever it takes to cure myself, and that is what I am doing right now . After spending several hours researching and trying to find an answer, I came across water fasting . Which is known to cure any physical and mental problem , I have heard that people were able to cure even cancer by doing water fasting , I got pretty encouraged as well after talking to a friend of mine who told me that an accutane sufferer was able to cure himself after doing 30 days of water fasting . I have no doubt that one can cure any problem by doing this. I started it today , I will try to update everyday and tell you guys how it goes.Feel free to comment guys, All the best Sergio




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