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Day 1

Been drinking a bunch of water today- I have a bottle of water that is 1.5 L, I've had about half and still drinking. Washed my face twice this morning- one because I had taken a shower, and one when I woke up. I use Noxema triple cleansing antibacterial lathering wash. I was using cetaphil as I heard that was good- but I switched because I felt that it was too gentle & not doing anything for my skin. I used lemon juice on a cotton ball, and then used my neutrogena oil free moisturizer. I later put on a clay mask for about half an hour. It really makes my face feel good. Currently I have a bunch of bumps on my skin- mostly on my cheeks and forehead that I really want to get rid of. I am trying not to pick at my acne or touch my face, and I am doing good so far. Tomorrow I might post pics. If anyone reads this, can you tell me what "home remedies" you use to help with acne? I found that using hydrogen peroxide & a bandaid overnight does help a bump- the redness and swelling. I have heard different things about this although.