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Some spots peeled off. Left cheek looking much better. Right cheek has a few painful spots and a lot of dark spots so put on some more SA today on top of aloe

Day 28

Did a peel yesterday. It didnt burn or as much as usual so I left it on a little longer

Day 25

Alot of skin peeled off. Looks better now. Planning on doing another peel on Sunday

Day 22

Did an SA peel on sunday (day 20) after pickin at my skin. Got a lot of scabs. Hopefully when they peel off it look look better

Day 18

Skin is looking a little better, but far from perfect. The inflammation has gone down a little. No active spots just red ones that need to heal. Have been using tea tree oil. Just gonna wash and moisturize all weekend since I will be away. Too bad I can't have clear skin for my trip. I didn't want to use any heavy makeup but I will have to for this weekend. Plan to do an SA peel on sunday when I get back.

Day 16

It's so discouraging..when your skin looks good for a while and then out of no where looks like complete crap. I really don't know what to do. I went to get extractions today and the lady kept telling me to go see a doctor. But I've already done that and tried everything and all that stuff in fact makes it worse. So what am I supposed to do? I don't get it. What did I do to deserve this. What am I doing wrong that is causing this? I just can't figure it out. I just want to hide and I hate going

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Day 12

Did an SA peel last night. Havent picked A couple of spots. I'm guessing its purging. Contemplating getting a facial next week

Day 10

Skin lookin soooo much better. Peeling a little on spots. No inflammation just dark marks. Gonna do a peel on sunday. Must have good skin for my vacation on the 19th! That means no picking for 10 days!

Day 9

Skin lookin much better. No more inflammation ever since I stopped using that moisturizer.

Day 8

Lookin better and less inflammed since I stopped using those masks and moisturizers. Used PC yday. Did an SA peel today

Day 7

Skin looks much better today. Last night I just washed with the black soap and went back to my old moisturizer. Popped a lot of bumps last night. I think the new moisturizer may be the culprit.

Day 6

Skin looks awful. I started pickin I am going to give it till the 18th before I stop this regimen. Did a turmeric mask today

Day 5

Skin still looking bad. Gonna continue to do dead sea salt masks. Hopefully its just purging

Day 4

Skin looks like hell. So inflammed and whiteheads everywhere. Not sure if this is purging. Started taking skin detox herbs, hopefully they help.

Day 3

Woke up with a bunch of whiteheads. Got extractions done. Washed with black honey soap. Then did a dead sea salt mask. Think I'm going to wait for the scabs to heal over and then do an SA peel

Day 2

Haven't picked today Skin is looking a little better. Used a new soap and new masks. Skin is looking inflamed still

Day 1

When I washed my face last night I did not moisturize. Skin is looking a little better, a few whiteheads probably from new makeup. Right now I have aloe on my face

New Blog

My face is a mess! It sucks because just 2 days ago I was clear and didn't even have to wear makeup I'm not sure what is causing this inflammation. It could be cuz its that TOTM or the new makeup I used last night or the new moisturizer I've been using! From now on I am going to follow a simple regimen:Wash face with wash cloth, ice face, moisturize with Dessert Essence. And no picking!!! Also weekly (or so) SA peels. Right now I have aloe on my face and I just did an aspirin
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