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The regiman during pregnancy

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Pregnancy And Acne

Has anyone used the regimen while pregnant? Has anyone experienced breakouts while pregnant? I am in my 1st trimester and My face cleared up by using the regimen. But now that I am pregnant i have heat bumps, looks like a rash on my face. The type people get on the upper arms. I did use a natural mud mask because I started to notice my face very oily and that is when I broke out 2 days later. I am sure its from the pregnancy because I used the mask in the past and this didn't happen. I am starting the regimen again. They say its ok to use Benzoyl while pregnant some people say don't. I am anyways because i heard nothing bad yet? Anyone heard anything or tried this or had bad skin during pregnancy? Does it clear up at the 2nd or 3rd trimester eventually. thanks