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Acne, Back-ne and Cyst FREE

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Acne , Back-Ne And Cyst Free

I used to get those big cysts on my neck about the size of a quarter. Tried everything , and was on high anti biotics for months- Actually made it worse. Read an article on Candida intestinal yeast infections and started taking 4 liquid capsules of pure virgin coconut oil a day for a few months.. It has anti fungal properties. IT Worked !!!! Another thing I did was build up my friendly bacteria in my gut with PROBIOTICS. I used MERCOLA .COM. These little guys keep the yeast at a normal level. Overuse of anti-biotics killed off the bad AND THE GOOD BACTERIA- so now ya gotta throw the good BACK IN THERE !! Another good safe trick to try is 600-900 mg of GARLIC pills- unless you like 5-6 fresh hot garlic cloves in your mouth. Still had moderate acne and backne, after cysts were gone. 100mg Vitamin b-5 or PANTOTHENIC ACID for 6 months, took care of the REST OF THE ACNE ALL OVER MY BODY ,by re-balancing my hormones. Seemed to me 2 different types and not both connected at all. Best of Luck. if it works for you ; pass on the trick to another one who needs it !!




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