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Alright I need some help! I am getting sort of frustrated with dermatologist telling me there are really no options for red marks. I have light skin and used to have acne really bad in my teens. I have used everything including acutane. I am 24 and I thank god found out about spironolactone. That has really cleared me up except for maybe a break out here and there. My only problem is my uneven skintone. I have red marks that really bother me. I wear good sunscreen everyday so they don't get darker in the sun ( living in fl). I have very sensitive skin so using any kind of oil on my face is a no no. I don't expect perfection but an improvement would really make me happy. It bothers me and I try not to think about it. Although when my make up comes off it's hard not to. Does anyone have any suggestions to get rid of red marks for acne prone skin?




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