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2nd day

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1 Week, Depressed :\

It has been a week and my skin is worse then it was before i started. I'm HOPING it's just from having my monthly 4 b*tch days lol. The acne is on my fore head( two red pimples and a bunch of tiny flesh colored bumps), cheeks( red pimples) and chin (red pimples). I'm supposed to go to town with my mom tomorrow and I just don't even want to think of how my skin is going to look. I just want what everyone else wants, to be CLEAR. I would be happy with one pimple on my face, but not all these I have I also have had chest acne popping up and most of my shirts show it so I have gotten back on my doxycyclin as of friday. 100 mg twice a day plus I'm using seacret's mud soap there. I think it cleared up my body acne pretty well last time




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Day Three -Freaking Out A Little

I'm kind of freaking a little bit. It looks like I have a bunch of tiny tiny pimples on my forehead and my nose has little ones as well. Plus my skin is very uneven and red :\ I put a little bit of extra BP on my nose to see if it would dry up my little pimples. The sides of my face are smooth, but the middle of my face is not looking too good. Should I cont. or stop while I'm ahead. I know an initial breakout is expected, but I'm only on my third day.





2Nd Day +History On My Acne

I am using the Proactiv repairing lotion since I had some left. My face feels a little tight. Around my lips feels weird, a burnt feeling?? Idk, I didn't get any BP on them and I constantly have Cocoa butter on them. The moisturizer I use is Cetaphil daily facial moisturizer with spf 15. Also the past week I have upped my water intake a good bit thinking maybe that will help with my acne and skin in general. History For the past 3 months my acne has gotten worse slowly. I'm 19 and when I was in 10th grade I went to the dermo. I was put on tretnoin gel, tetracycline( ended up on doxycycline cuz the tetracycline made me soo sick) and evoclin foam. I was out of school for a week because my face was soooo bad. It was lobster red and it hurt so bad plus I had many new pimples. After a while my skin got better, but it was always soooo dry and I always had at least one pimple. My 12th grade yr I was off of the antibiotics and the foam. And after high school I just slowly stopped the gel all together cuz I would stay with friends and party and what not. Now my acne has slowly creeped back after being out of high school since june of 2010. I am hoping this new regimen will help <---I do a lot of that! I'm sitting here munching on a apple trying to feel a little healthy haha!




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